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There are now 6 indoor ski/snow slopes in the UK and hopefully more will be built in the future. Whilst you can't compare it with 7 days in the Alps, these centre undoubtedly serve a real purpose in the modern-day UK, which apart from the mountains of Scotland, is mainly now home to much milder, often snow-free winters.

For the likes of beginners who want a taster course before they venture abroad, intermediates who want to hone their new found skills, and addicts who just need a regular fix of the white stuff, the UK's indoor slopes provide a genuine option, and their ongoing popularity proves their worth. For now, we've got to make the most of the six centres we've got across the UK, but it would be great if at some point in the future a much larger indoor slope could be built in the UK, along the lines of the incredible SnowWorld centre at Landgraaf in the Netherlands.

On this page you'll find:

UK Indoor Ski Slopes Information

Comparison of the 6 different indoor UK ski/snowboard slopes:

Name Opened Main Slope Length Main Slope Width
ChillFactor 2007 180m 100m
SnowDome 1994 170m 30m
Snow Factor Braehead 2006 200m 30m
Snozone Castleford 2003 170m 30m
Snozone Milton Keynes 2000 170m 30m
The Snow Centre 2009 160m 30m

UK Indoor Ski Slopes Price Comparison

Here's a comparison of the current online prices for 60 minutes recreational skiing at the various indoor slopes:

Note: These prices were last checked on: 3rd February 2017.

Indoor Ski Slope Adults (Peak Time) (Off Peak) Juniors (Peak Time) (Off Peak) Online Tickets
ChillFactor £27.00 £21.00 £21.00 £15.00 ChillFactor Prices...
SnowDome £31.00 £25.00 £26.00 £21.00 SnowDome Prices...
The Snow Centre £34.20 £24.30 £26.10 £20.70 Snow Centre Prices...
Snow Factor Braehead £28.80 £23.40 £24.30 £18.90 Snow Factor Prices...
Snozone Castleford £28.99 £22.99 £24.99 £18.99 Snozone Castleford Prices...
Snozone Milton Keynes £28.99 £22.99 £24.99 £18.99 Snozone MK Prices...

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