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Wanting to look uber-stylish on the slopes and got the credit card to back it up ? Then Bogner could be for you.

Bogner is an ultra-chic German brand that can trace its roots right back to the 1930's and its founder - German skier Willy Bogner Sr.

Obviously popular in its homeland, as well as on the slopes of its Alpine neighbour Austria, Bogner also hit a wider audience when it was sported by 007 himself in a number of James Bond films.

Whilst it's not as readily available as some of the other premium brands in the UK, it's well worth tracking down if you want something a bit different to your group.

Bogner Company History

The Bogner brand can trace its roots right back to the 1930's, when German Nordic skier Willy Bogner Sr established his own range of clothing in 1932. Just four years later at the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bogner represented his country not only as a skier but also as a fashion-designer - the entire team being decked out in his clothing. The German team has worn Bogner at every Winter Olympics since ! It's this long history that many consider make Bognor the inventors of sports fashion. His son, Willy Bogner Jr, took over the company after his father's death in 1977.

Bogner Style

With Bogner clothing, the style is definitely as important as the functionality, and the designs are heavily influenced by Bognor's upmarket non-ski range such as Sonia Bogner, Bogner Man, and Bogner Woman - all extremely popular, particularly on the continent. The importance of design within the company is reflected in it's ski-wear - close-fitting, almost tailored appearance of it's gear, give Bogner outfits a real cutting edge.

Bogner - Performance

Bogner gear may be noted for it's style, but there's substance in it too.

Bogner - Pricing

Don't expect to pick up Bogner clothing on the cheap - this is a brand for fashionable jet-setting skiers, the sort of label you'd expect a Bond girl to be dressed in on the slopes !

Bogner - Stockists

Bogner clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

Bogner - Useful Links

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