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Eider is a fashionable French brand that specializes in winter sports clothing, best known for its skiing range but also for some of it's mountaineering, hiking and climbing clothing.

The classy styling of Eider's skiing apparel, a bit of brand coolness in the mix, and the decent fabrics give an overall feeling that this is well made, top-notch stuff that hits the mark both technically and stylishly.

Eider are still based at Annecy in the French Alps, and are one of those companies who, alongside the likes of Peak Performance, Norrona and Schoffel, can magically appeal to those two sets of skiers - those who head onto the pistes to look good, and those who head there for some serious activity.

Eider Company History

Eider was founded in the French Alps by a tailor back in 1962 and has remained based in the area ever since. In 2008, they were taken over by fellow French company Lafuma, specialists in outdoor clothing and equipment, but the Eider subsidiary of the organisation is still based at Annecy.

Eider Style

Eider's ski gear has a nice modern feel to it, a decent mixture of brightly coloured items, and some more sombre colours given a bit of a lift with some brighter contrasting zippers and similar neat features. The company was founded back in the early 1960's by a French tailor, so it's good to see that company has stuck to it's heritage with quality, fitted-styles and decent cuts, which all add to the modern look and feel of their products.

Eider - Performance

As well as being a stylish brand, Eider hits the mark technically as well. And with the company's founder being a tailor you'd expect nothing else either - he'd want to know that company was using the best materials possible and constantly striving for new fabrics and innovations.

Eider are still based at Annecy in the French Alps, and this proximity to the mountains gives you the feeling that the company has still got a genuine connection to winter sports. It's not based hundreds of miles from the slopes, it's right in the heart of them, so the people who work their and design their products are going to live and breathe winter sports, and be passionate about their products. The company work closely with a whole host of winter sports people including a team of free-riders such as Lionel Daudet, Kevin Guri, Adrien Coirier, Maxence Rollin, Matthias Giraud and the superbly named Thomas Diet. So as you'd expect, their ski jackets and pants do the job in the harshest of conditions - sealed seams and fabrics designed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

Eider - Pricing

Ok, so to cover both bases on the slopes - looking good and being protected from whatever elements are thrown at you, doesn't come cheap, and Eider is no exception to this general rule. The majority of their jackets are around 250 to 350 pounds, although there are some up in the 400's and some slightly cheaper ones around the 200 pounds mark. But this is a ski clothing brand where you definitely get what you pay for... top notch stuff !

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