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Skiing is quite unique as a sport in that a lot of people who participate in it don't actually watch it as a spectator sport, which is quite surprising given how exciting both experiences can be.

Whilst most people who sit and watch a football match will have had a kick around at some point, there are plenty of people who will settle down on a Sunday evening to watch the delights of Ski Sunday who will never have any intention of strapping a pair of planks on and heading down a piste. Vice versa, and this is the big difference, many people who going skiing every year couldn't give a monkey's about watching Ski Sunday and would probably rather watch the Antiques Roadshow on BBC1 instead.

Blimey, there are some odd people around...

Luckily, we at SnowKings Towers love it. The sound of the Ski Sunday theme tune is quite literally music to our ears, whilst Sky is almost worth having in the winter solely for the godsend that is Eurosport and it's vast coverage of snow sports.

Anyway, for those of you who feel the same as us, you'll find plenty of ski-racing goodies in this particular section of Snowkings.


World Cup

The latest articles, news and information on the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup circuit.

Solden GS Season-Opener

All the details and history of the traditional curtain raiser for the skiing world cup, held each October up on the glacier above Solden.

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