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Booking a ski holidays tends to be somewhat more involved than booking something as trivial as a summer beach holiday. Not only do you have to worry about choosing somewhere where the weather will be ok (i.e snow to ski on) you also need to think about it suiting your skiing abilities. There's no point picking somewhere like Chamonix if you're a beginner or ... if you're an expert.


Cost Factors

Ideas on how to make a ski or snowboard holiday cost less, with a look at the factors that determine why certain skiing holiday bookings are more expensive than others.

Skiing During School Holidays

A guide to the advantages and disadvantages of skiing and snowboarding during the different school holidays.

Early Booking Offers

Details of some of the early-bird offers that you should be on the look out for if you can book your ski holiday early enough.

First Ski Trip Tips

Handy list of tips for those of you lucky enough to be thinking of booking your first-ever ski trip.

Ski Holidays Company Guide

A guide to various ski holiday companies that specialise in trips and accommodation to the major European ski areas.

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