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Arc'teryx is a top-notch Canadian outdoor clothing brand that always manages to deliver quality performance and decent style.

Arc'teryx has made quite a push in the UK over recent years, opening up a flagship store at Piccadilly in central London in 2015 as well as partnering with Snow and Rock in their Covemt Garden store.

Arc'teryx Company History

Arc'teryx is an outdoor clothing specialist that was formed in Canada back in 1989. They were bought by Salomon in 2001, and Salomon has subsequently been bought by Amer Sports. And if you're wondering where the odd name comes from ? It's a cut down version of Archaeopteryx, which is allegedly the first bird from the Jurassic Period, hence the company logo.

Arc'teryx Style

Nice and simple, with a modern feel to it.

Arc'teryx - Performance

Arc'teryx's top end range is second to none for quality and some of Arc'teryx's technical innovations often become industry standard ideas.

Arc'teryx - Pricing

Arc'teryx products aren't cheap - you can be paying over 400 pounds for a jacket and 300 for trousers, but if you're after cutting-edge quality then you won't be disappointed.

Arc'teryx - Stockists

Arc'teryx clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

Arc'teryx - Useful Links

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