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The Italian ski resorts provide a great alternative to some of the resorts in the likes of France, Switzerland and Austria. The majority are situated in the two main mountain areas - the Alps and the Dolomites, although surprisingly their are also a small number of resorts in other areas, such as the highest parts of Tuscany !

Italian resorts tend to be less expensive than their French, Swiss and Austrian counterparts, whilst their is also the added bonus that the slopes tend to be less busy than it's neighbours, particularly in the busy British school-holiday periods. Throw into the mix plenty of family-friendly ambience, some gob-smackingly beautiful scenery, and plenty of great food, and you have a great option for your annual fix of the white stuff.


Italy Webcams

See what's happening in the Italian ski resorts with live streams and a list of web-cams for Italy.

Italy Ski-gear

Details of all of the ski-wear and snowboarding clothing brands and companies of Italy Ski-gear.

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