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There are now 6 indoor ski and snow slopes in the United Kingdom, with more in the pipeline.

Whilst you can't compare it with 7 days in the Alps, these indoor centres are now invaluable in the modern-day United Kingdom, where mild (and often snow-less) winters are the order of the day.

So for a range of UK skiers, such as beginners (who maybe want a taster course before they venture abroad), intermediates (who want to hone their new found skills) and just plain addicts (who need a regular fix of the white stuff) these indoor ski centres have been a godsend.


Braehead - Snow Factor

All the details on the Snow Factor indoor ski slope at Braehead near Glasgow. With its 200m long slope, the Snow Factor is the UK's longest indoor ski slope.

Castleford - Snozone

All the information on the Snozone indoor ski slope at Castleford, West Yorkshire, which features a 170m long main slope.

Hemel Hempstead - The Snow Centre

All the details on The Snow Centre indoor ski slope at Hemel Hempstead. The UK's newest indoor ski slope, it features a 160m long main-slope and the UK's longest 'lesson' slope.

Manchester - Chill Factor

All the information on the Chill Factor at Manchester - one of the UK's most modern indoor ski centres, and certainly the widest slope !

Milton Keynes - Snozone

All the information on the indoor ski centre at Milton Keynes - the Snozone.

Tamworth - Snowdome

All the information on The SnowDome at Tamworth in Staffordshire, which was the UK's first indoor ski slope when it was opened back in 1994.


UK Indoor Comparison

A comparison of the indoor ski/snowboard slopes in the UK, including a guide to the prices of the different centres.

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