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Degre 7

Degre 7 is a fantastically stylish French brand that constantly delivers stylish, fitted outfits in weather-busting materials.

Started back in the 1980s, Degre 7 has a colourful history involving skiing legends such as Patrick Vallencant and Henri Duvillard. The company has often been marketed as two brands - Degre 7 and Henri Duvillard, but Duvillard is actually their ultra-chic range, and still comes under the Degre 7 banner.

Degre 7 is almost the stereotypical French brand. What would 99% of people expect one of their top ski clothing companies to come up with ? Chic, elegant, classic designs ? Tick. Top-drawer weatherproof fabrics ? Tick. Expensive ? Tick !

Degre 7 Company History

Degre 7 was formed in 1982 by Patrick Vallencant and Ingrid Buchner. Frenchman Vallencant was one of the world's leading extreme-skiers of the 1970s and 80s whilst Buchner specialized in design. Such a great personal combination of technique and design soon translated itself into high quality clothing, meeting the two great ski-clothing goals - performing well and looking good !

Degre 7 Style

Degre 7 actually produces 2 ranges of ski gear, it's technical, sporty gear, known basically as Degre 7, and it's ultra chic Duvillard range, designed by 1960s/70s ski-racing legend Henri Duvillard. Degre 7's highly stylish, snug-fitting looks are achieved by using top quality materials that don't necessarily look very padded but are extremely effective. Stretchy materials also help achieve the great fitted looks, and you would be excused by thinking at first glance that they must have surely compromised on weather-protection to produce such great looking stuff. But they haven't ! The brand was the first to dare the use of colour on the slopes, always keeping in mind to develop highly technical products.

Degre 7 - Performance

Degre 7 has always had a fine reputation for style, but it's technical side shouldn't be under-estimated as the company has always maintained that style and performance are both, and always will be, priorities.

Degre 7 - Pricing

As with the other high-end skiing apparel from France, such as Eider, Killy and Moncler, Degre 7 products don't come cheaply, it's another label where you need to have at least 400 pounds stuffed into your top pocket before you enter the shop if you're hoping to walk out of the store with one of their jackets.

Degre 7 - Stockists

Degre 7 clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

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