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You know what it's like, you're sat there watching Ski Sunday or Eurosport, and someone like Graham Bell will make a reference to 'the Iceman', or 'the Tasmanian Devil' as one of the skiers comes flying over a jump.

You then wait to hear an explanation for the nickname.... but nothing !

Which leaves you baffled and wanting to know why the heck they've been called it.

So, for that reason, here's our list of nicknames from the world of ski racing and the reason behind it (if it's known).

If you know of any others or know why someone's been given a nickname then please email them to us.

Name Nickname Any reason for the nickname ?
Beat Feuz Cannonball (Kanonenkugel) Is it because he's got a round face and tucks himself into a ball-like shape ? or is it because he hurtles down the slope as if fired from a cannon ? You decide.
Carlo Janka The Iceman Janka's cool, calm, almost emotionless personality during races, apparently gave rise to the "Iceman" tag. Whereas Didier Cuche celebrates victory with a dramatic kicking-off of his skis, Janka just raises his index finger in triumph !
Franz Klammer The Austrian Astronaut
Franz Klammer The Klammer Express Klammer's speed and power going down the course was reminiscent of an express train loose on the piste.
Franz Klammer Kaiser Franz
Henrik Kristoffersen The Prince of the Vikings Nickname given to the young Norwegian star by Eurosport commentator Nick Fellows.
Ted Ligety Ligety Split
Ted Ligety Ted Shred A ski coach nicknamed him Shred when he was a young kid, due to his fearless, attacking style. And it rhymes with Ted, of course ! Ligety started Shred Optics in 2006 after winning his Olympics gold medal in the Combined event, naming the company after his nickname.
Hermann Maier The Herminator A re-wording of the Terminator, due to Maier's alleged indestructible body.
Mario Matt The Arlberg Eagle (Der Arlberg Adler) Olympic champion Matt is from the Arlberg region of Austria. In fact, he has owned the legendary Krazy Kanguruh bar in St.Anton since 2009.
Steve Missillier Le Missile (the Missile) The French skier is also known as "le Missile Savoyard" and "le Missile du Grand-Bornand". Missiles tend to go rather fast, and so does Steve and his er.. name sounds like Missile.
Felix Neureuther The Cat Derr.....
Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong The Snow Leopard Born in Glasgow but raised in Ghana, Nkrumah-Acheampong took up indoor-skiing in 2002 having moved to England. He managed to qualify for the slalom and giant slalom at the 2010 games representing Ghana, and his nickname is a nod back to the snowy version of one his country's big cats.
Manfred Pranger The Tasmanian Devil
Benjamin Raich The Blitz from Pitz (Ser Blitz aus Pitz) Blitz is the German word for bolt/flash of lightning, and the Austrian is from Arzl im Pitztal
Dave Ryding The Rocket The British slalom-specialist from Lancashire acquired his nickname after hurtling passed everyone on the UK scene, rather like a rocket would. And, of course, there's the old alliteration with his name.
Toni Sailer The Blitz from Kitz (Der Blitz aus Kitz) Blitz is the German word for bolt/flash of lightning, and the legendary Austrian is from Kitzbuhel.
Vladimir Sabich Spider Born prematurely, his father immediately called him 'Spider' because of his thin legs and arms.
Alberto Tomba la Bomba (the Bomb) Not only one of the sport's most gifted skiers, but one of its most flamboyant character's. The powerfully built Italian was given the tag for his dynamic, never-say-die surges that brought him so much success and adulation on the slopes.
Lindsey Vonn Don Don
Lindsey Vonn Kildon
Lindsey Vonn The Don

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