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Here's what we've had on the Snowkings gogglebox recently, or seen at the cinema...

March 2017

  • Homeland.
  • SS-GB. Ear trumpet at the ready...
  • The Jump.

February 2017

  • Homeland.
  • New series of Room 101. Frank Skinner in top form, as always.
  • La La Land. Mrs Snowking loved it. Mr Snowking enjoyed it a lot more than he expected.
  • SS-GB. Really hoping this isn't going to be another BBC mumbling-fest.
  • Taboo. Substitles still on.
  • The Jump. It's winter-sports on mainstream TV, what's not to like ?

January 2017

  • New series of Not Going Out. Still not the same without Tim. And no Daisy now either. But still worth watching.
  • Taboo. Enjoying it, despite the mumbling.

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