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Amongst British and Irish skiers Germany is probably one of the least well known of all the alpine skiing areas, but there are a number of skiing areas and resorts, and some good ones amongst them.

Germany's highest and best known mountains are right down in the Bavarian south, on the border with Austria. And we mean quite literally on the border, with ski areas and mountains straddling both countries.

Germany also has a number of other areas dotted around, the mountains aren't quite as high at these but it still gives the country's alpine skiers, snowboarders and cross-country skiers several options, rather than having to completely rely on visiting neighbouring alpine countries.


Germany Webcams

See what's happening in the German ski resorts with live streams and a list of web-cams for Germany.

Germany Ski-gear

Details of all of the ski-wear and snowboarding clothing brands and companies of Germany Ski-gear.

Annual Events in Germany

Details and dates for all of the annual skiing, snowboarding and other mountain-related events in Germany.

German Ski Areas

Details of skiing and snowboarding in Germany, with lists of the main German ski areas and regions, including which ski resorts are covered by them, piste and lift info, webcams, piste-maps etc.

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