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"We're all going on a Summer Holiday, no more worries for a week or two." sang Cliff Richard back in 1963 in the film of the same name. Well, not with us you're not Cliffy boy.

For starters, the boys and girls at Snow Kings Towers can't think of anything worse than...
(a) heading off to Greece on a rickety old double-decker bus and...
(b) doing it with the Peter Pan of Pop and his gang of fun-loving rascals.

Yes, for genuine lovers of skiing, snowboarding, mountains and just snow in general, the very thought of the end of the winter season should be enough to fill them with more gloom than a November's day in Skegness.

However, the end of the winter and the start of the summer needn't be that depressing as it heralds the start of a new season in the mountains and the opportunity to try a host of other mountain sports, from extreme stuff like white-water rafting, para-gliding and rock climbing, to more gentle pastimes such as hiking.

And for those of you who just can't keep away from their planks or their boards, Europe still has a whole host of resorts that offer the opportunity to ski in summer. So check out all our sections and guides below, there should be more than enough ideas to keep you in the mountains and away from the beach come summertime. Oh yes, and for those of you too young (or too cool) to not have a clue who Cliff Richard is, check out one of the most cringeworthy, toe-curling moments in British sport with this YouTube clip of Sir Cliff entertaining the crowds at Wimbledon back in 1995.

Summer Activities

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