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The American brand Spyder are serious outfitters to serious skiers. They're a well loved company amongst both professional skiers on the World Cup circuit and casual skiers on the piste, thanks to their history creating competitive race gear and also their success in creating high-performance everyday ski wear.

Spyder Company History

Spyder was formed back in 1978, when founder David Jacobs spotted a gap in the market and started making race outfits in his kitchen, the company took its name from the early racers who wore the distinctive stripe on their legs, with fellow racers quickly nicknaming them "spider-pants". Jacobs liked this, and borrowed the Y spelling from the Ferrari Spyder car to create the company name.

Spyder Style

As well as supplying outfits to many of the national ski teams, Spyder's clothing is also available to the casual skier, with a wide range of jackets and pants. Some love to wear it because it identifies them as serious skiers, whilst others aren't took keen on the enormous Spyder logo that tends to get emblazoned on the back of many of their outfits !

Spyder - Performance

With a background that hails from creating outfits for professional ski racers, it's no wonder that Spyder is so widely respected in the industry and known as creators of serious ski gear.

Spyder has lead the way in professional ski-wear suits, from its early involvement in the 1980's padding out ski-suits, to 1994 and its patent of its SpeedWyre technology. SpeedWyre enhanced the performance of ski-racing suits with a trip-wire system on the suit's legs and arms that reduced wind-drag by streamlining the air flow. After a number of victories by ski-racers who were donning the suits, the FIS banned them in 1997, citing unfair advantage to ski-racers who were using the technology.

Spyder - Pricing

Like the car manufacturer that the brand takes it name from, you'll need a well stocked bank account to get one, with many of the jackets over £500, and pants over £300.

Spyder - Stockists

Spyder clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

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