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What's been taking our interest in the last month at SnowKings...

March 2017

  • Football, bloody hell ! Barcelona's 6:1 Champions League comeback against PSG was simply magnificent.

February 2017

  • Got to love the cock-up at the Oscars. Warren Beatty's face as he looked in that envelope for the 2nd time and then did the hospital pass to Faye Dunaway was worth a gong in itself.

January 2017

  • So, following the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States we thought he might tone it all down a bit. Hmmm...

September 2016

  • Europe's in chaos. Utter chaos.
  • Some good ideas for some new Snowkings logos as well.
  • Holidays are always a good time to think thinks over. Decided to change the look of the site.
  • Looking forward to this years English Premiership. Seems to have been the shortest ever summer break though.

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