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Ok, so the UK has the latitude for snow, but that pesky warm Atlantic current tends to make things a bit too mild for any sort of real consistency. Oh yes, and although there are quite a few hills and mountain ranges dotted around they're a bit height-challenged compared to those in mainland Europe. However, it's not all doom and gloom as there are areas on this mild island where there's enough of the white stuff to do some skiing.

With regards to real, outdoor skiing, well it's not as reliable as mainland Europe's and it's often a bit wet and extremely windy, but there are a number of areas in the UK that are geared up for skiing and snowboarding. The main ones are in Scotland but there are a number of smaller areas in England as well. We have a dedicated page for the UK's ski areas.

A number of indoor slopes have also been developed.


UK Indoor Skiing

Information on all of the indoor skiing centres in the Uinted Kingdom, with comparisons between the different indoor ski slopes and centres.

Outdoor Skiing

The Alps it certainly isn't, but contrary to popular belief, there are a number of areas to ski in the UK, not just in Scotland either, but some small centres south of the border in the hills of England.

Dry Slope Skiing

Information on dry slope skiing and details of all the centres and clubs across the United Kingdom.

List of Ski Clubs

A list of the skiing and ski-racing clubs in the UK.

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