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Stylish, contemporary, Swiss-based company whose clothing is definitely geared up to the top-end of the market, aimed at decent skiers who are serious about their sport, and serious about their bank balance.

KJUS Company History

The KJUS company itself is relatively new, started back in 2000 by Norwegian skiing legend Lasse Kjus and chief executive Didi Serena, and it grew massively through the first decade, riding high on the back of the ski racer's name. KJUS is definitely aimed at more advanced skiers, especially when you look at the ski racing background from which it's come. This was highlighted further when Bode Miller set up his Team America back in 2007 as this was the gear Bode and his team wanted to be decked out in.

KJUS Style

So what is KJUS gear like ? Smart. Stylish. Modern. The materials are innovative - they're not afraid to dabble with new fabrics or ideas, whilst the designs are clean, exciting, with contemporary little twists here and there. It's like the clothing equivalent of top end Scandanavian interior design.

KJUS - Performance

High performance gear ? Kjus ? I should coco !

KJUS - Pricing

Ok, so if Roman Abrahmovic is reading this then... hey, Roman, KJUS could be the ski brand for you ! For the rest of us, go and get a nice cup of tea and have a sit down'll need to when you hear how much a Kjus jacket can set you back - anywhere from 500 to 1000 of your finest English pounds !

KJUS - Stockists

KJUS clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

KJUS - Useful Links

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