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If you've arrived at this section expecting a serious look at the most extreme winter routes in the Alps, then you may be disappointed.

...But... if you want to cheer yourself up with an off beat look at the world of skiing, then you'll find a range of unorthodox articles, from our list of top tips (for everyone from nudist skiers, to gravy-loving northerners and skiers from "dahn sarf"), to celebrity skiers, ski-related rock bands, and, of course, the rudest-sounding names on the ski-racing circuit, including smutty-sounding legends such as Simona Fartakova and Fanny Chmelar.

Off Piste Articles

Top Tips

As provided by both ourselves and our readers, here's a list of skiing and snowboarding top tips that you may, or may not, find useful...

Snow and Ski-Related Bands

The definitive list of pun-infested #skibands and snow-related band names.

Celebrity Skiers and Snowboarders

List of celebrity skiers and snowboarders, as well as some famous people who just like to hang out in the mountains.


Who's been spotted on the ski slopes and ski resorts of Europe. And what were they up to ?

Best Skier Names. Ever...

Comprehensive list of the funniest, strangest, rudest, and generally best, names from the world of skiing. Including, of course, the now legendary Fanny Chmelar.


New to skiing or snowboarding ? Baffled by some of the terms being used ? Our list of jargon, terms and phrases, from classic snow-sports terminology to modern slang, will reveal all.

List of Nicknames

A list of popular nicknames associated with winter-sports men and women.

List of Funniest Names

A list of all the funniest names in the world of winter sports, from great named skiers, ski jumpers, skeleton bob'ers and ice hockey players.

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