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The International Matteo Baumgarten Award is given each year by the Baumgarten family to a young Alpine skier in honour of their son, Matteo, who was tragically killed in a car crash in 1996.

Matteo Baumgarten was a very promising alpine skier who was showing a great balance in his determination to commit to a strong training regime with his skiing, whilst also focusing on succeeding in his education and studies. The Baumgarten family were keen to reward both attributes and so created the annual award to recognise young athletes who are following the path of excellence not only in an alpine sport, but also in their education.

The Matteo Baumgarten Award is open to competitors in all of the FIS (International Ski Federation) disciplines and the winner is usually announced at the end of the ski season in March, with a formal presentation taking place in April at a meeting of the Lions Club of Bormio. The award is normally given by the Baumgarten family and is often attended by some dignitaries and personalities.

List of International Matteo Baumgarten Award Winners

Award Year/Edition Winner Nationality
2016-17 (21st Award) Ester Ledecka Czech Republic
2015-16 (20th Award) Katja Pozun Slovenia
2014-15 (19th Award) Ramon Zenhäusern Switzerland
2013-14 (18th Award) Bernadette Schild Austria
2012-13 (17th Award) Ilka Stuhec Slovenia
2011-12 (16th Award) Filip Mlinsek Slovenia
2010-11 (15th Award) Jana Gantnerova Slovakia
2009-10 (14th Award) Bohdana Matsotska Ukraine
2008-09 (13th Award) Liene Limbauere Latvia
2007-08 (12th Award) Andreas Erschbamer Italy
2006-07 (11th Award) Aurélie Revillet France
2005-06 (10th Award) Marie Marchand-Arvier France
2004-05 (9th Award) Tina Maze Slovenia
2003-04 (8th Award) Naoki Yuasa Japan
2002-03 (7th Award) Sara Lovato Italy
2001-02 (6th Award) Tanja Poutiainen Finland
2000-01 (5th Award) Mirza Nezirovic Bosnia and Herzegovina
1999-00 (4th Award) Karolina Sedova Czech Republic
1998-99 (3rd Award) Henna Karolina Raita Finland
1997-98 (2nd Award) Forest Carey USA
1996-97 (1st Award) Marta Antonioli (*) Italy
1996-97 (1st Award) Hanna Orre (*) Sweden


(*) Shared award.

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