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The Alps it certainly isn't, but contrary to popular belief, there are a number of areas to ski in the UK, not just in Scotland either, but also south of the border into the (mainly) green hills of England.

In a really bad winter ("bad" meaning mild) some of these locations can struggle to get the lifts going at all for more than a few weeks, and we've even included really small outfits such as Elton in Derbyshire which hasn't been able to get it's temporary tow lift going for years. However, they're worth knowing about just in case England gets an Arctic plunge and you're near that area. If you're aware of any others then please forward the details on so we can include them in the list.

UK Skiing Areas Information

Name Country Main Slope Length
Allenheads England 180m
Cairngorm Scotland 2km
Elton England 80m
Glencoe Scotland 2km
Glenshee Scotland 2km
Lecht Scotland 960m
Nevis Range Scotland 2km
Yad Moss England 700m

Allenheads, Northumbria (England)

The village of Allenheads lays claim to be one of the highest in England at an altitude of about 1450ft (the highest is actually Flash in north Staffordshire).

Allenheads Information:

Info Value
Highest Point 600m
Number of slopes 2
Length of longest slope 180m
Number of lifts 3
Official Website

Elton, Derbyshire (England)

This little slope high up in the Peak District village of Elton used to be really popular back in the 1980s, when a series of long snowy winters convinced a handful of enthusiasts to set up a temporary tow rope on one of the fields next to the village. The tow hardly ran through the 90s because of the mild weather but has been running again in 2009 and 2010 as the snow returned.

Elton Information:

Info Value
Highest Point
Number of slopes 1
Length of longest slope 80m
Number of lifts 1
Official Website n/a

Yad Moss, Cumbria (England)

Yad Moss has a number of advantages over the other English ski areas, with a purpose-built ticket office and day-lodge having been built recently with lottery funding. There's also a piste-basher housed at the lodge. The Poma button lift is the longest in England and there's another refreshment hut halfway down the hill. The Yad Moss area is near Harwood Common above the B6277, about 7 miles to the south-east of Alston in Cumbria. Be warned that the area is not suitable for absolute beginners, especially the use of the tow.

Yad Moss Information

Info Value
Highest Point 725m
Number of slopes 3
Length of longest slope 700m
Number of lifts 1
Official Website

Lecht, Aberdeenshire (Scotland)

The Lecht Ski Centre was one of the first locations in the UK to offer skiing when it started operating its first drag lift back in the 1970s.

The centre is situated on the infamous A939 road between Cockbridge and Tomintoul, and the slopes rise up from either side of the day lodge and car park area. On initial views it may not look like a vast area, but the slope lengths actually total nearly 25km.

Lecht Information:

Info Value
Highest Point 825m
Base Point 645m
Number of slopes 22
Total slope lengths 23km
Length of longest slope 960m
Number of lifts 13 (1 chairlift, 12 drag-lifts)
Official Website

Glencoe, Highlands (Scotland)

As well being the oldest ski area in the United Kingdom, Glencoe can also claim to have the steepest piste and the longest runs. It's also arguably set in the most spectacular scenery.

Glencoe's first ski lift was installed back in 1955, and since then the area has expanded to include a total of 8 lifts, made up of two chairlifts and 6 drag-lifts. One of the chairlifts is used to take skiers up from the base station and car park which is located at the end of a side road leading from the A82. From the mid point on the mountain more lifts can then be taken up to the top point, from where a number of blues and reds lead back down, as well as the black "Flypaper" run, which is the UK's steepest pisted run.

Glencoe Information:

Info Value
Highest Point 1110m
Base Point 305m
Number of slopes 16
Total slope lengths 16km
Length of longest slope 2km
Number of lifts 8 (2 chairlifts, 6 drag-lifts)
Official Website

Glenshee, Aberdeenshire (Scotland)

With 22 ski-lifts and 36 different runs, Glenshee has a surprisingly good variety of runs. It's located on the A93 road between Blairgowrie and Braemar, and rises up from the car park and ski centre base at 650m to a top height of 1070m.

Glenshee Information:

Info Value
Highest Point 1070m
Base Point 650m
Number of slopes 36
Total slope lengths 40km
Length of longest slope 2km
Number of lifts 22 (3 chairlifts, 19 drag-lifts)
Official Website

Nevis Range, Highlands (Scotland)

The Nevis Range is Scotland's most modern ski area, having been opened in 1989. Located on the northern slopes of Aonach Mor, a gondola is used to take skiers from the valley base-station (situated by the A82 road near Fort William), up to the foot of the ski area at 650m. This area features the Snowgoose restaurant, green and blue slopes for beginners and lifts to the top of the mountain.

Nevis Range Information:

Info Value
Highest Point 1220m
Base Point 90m
Number of slopes 35
Total slope lengths 20km
Length of longest slope 2km
Number of lifts 12 (1 gondola, 3 chairlifts, 8 drag-lifts)
Official Website

Cairngorm, Highlands (Scotland)

The ski area at Cairngorm, alongside the nearby resort of Aviemore, is the best known in Scotland and the UK. Although sometimes referred to as Aviemore, it's worth noting that it is actually some 10 miles from the slopes, although it is the nearest thing to a conventional ski resort in the UK. A mountain funicular railway takes skiers from the base station car park up to Scotland's highest restaurant. With 10 other lifts serving 30km of slopes, a snow-park and sledging park, the Cairngorm area has plenty on offer, and when the weather and conditions are favourable it's a great place to ski.

Cairngorms Information:

Info Value
Highest Point 1097m
Base Point 540m
Number of slopes 35
Total slope lengths 30km
Length of longest slope 3km
Number of lifts 11 (1 funicular, 10 drag-lifts)
Official Website

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