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Have you done something uncharacteristic and decided it's about time you experienced skiing?

Whatever you do, don't panic once you have booked it. I mean sure you've never done it before, and it is far more likely something will go wrong than if you were going to sit on the beach as usual, topping up your tan, reading a nice book and relaxing. Still, skiing will be good if you relax, have a good time and heed our tips for the occasion.

Booking - When you book your first trip, you ought to buy a bundle, which combines your lodging, lessons and lift tickets into one package. It will be far cheaper than buying each of these separately.

Airline regulations - A skiing trip requires you to bring different things with you to normal. Make sure you check the airline regulations before you pack. You don't want to bring a bag and your skiing bag, only to find that the airline won't allow you to take both on board.

Ski clothing - You really ought to invest in these. The clothing designed for skiing is specially made to help you withstand the freezing weather. From the jackets, to the gloves, to the socks, make sure you have at least two of each, in case you lose or forget them somewhere. Of course a resort will also supply some in a shop, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Check list - You are more likely to forget something important on your first ever trip skiing, than you are when you go on a beach holiday. Make sure you write up a check list for you to go through as you pack.

Timing - The timing of your trip will determine the price, so try to aim for the early or late season. These times are when a ski trip is at its cheapest.

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