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West Scout

West Scout is an Italian brand of ski wear that originally started out life in the 1990's trying to appeal to surfers and sunbathers with it's range of beach wear. Alothough relatively unknown and hard to get hold of in the UK, it has a good reputation in it's homeland and is a regular sight on the ski slopes of the Italian Alps and the Dolomites.

West Scout Company History

The West Scout brand was formed in Italy by it's parent company Fremil International in the early 1990's. Originally intended as a brand of beach wear (hence the logo with the surf wave breaking) it has since become predominantly a hi-tech ski wear brand.

West Scout Style

The West Scout ski jackets and pants that we've seen are quite simple in style - pretty standard colours such as red, blue, black, white with a bit of contrast trim , quite similar in style to another Italian brand Colmar. There's nothing fussy about it, it looks like a proper ski jacket, and this being designed by Italians it does tend to look smart and fashionable.

West Scout - Performance

Well, the best people to explain the performance of West Scout jackets is the people themselves, and their philosophy for their brand's ski wear... "Lighter and more ergonomic: that's the motto of Flavio Milani, West Scout CEO and mentor. Ultra-light, waterproof, breathable, preformed, thermal - these are the technical characteristics of every West Scout product. West Scout means superb design, exceptional quality and maximum performance. With their unique design and quality fabrics, West Scout products offer maximum freedom of movement. Every item in the West Scout collection reflects our passion for sport. Every day we work to set new standards, improve quality and celebrate the West Scout lifestyle."

West Scout - Pricing

We're still trying to track down a stockist at the moment, so we're still waiting to work out what sort of price range West Scout gear falls in to.

West Scout - Stockists

West Scout clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

Note: West Scout gear is really hard to come across in the UK, we've seen a bit of stuff come up on ebay, but the only other place we've seen it is on some of the stores that sell on Amazon.

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