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Finnish ski clothing company that has really established itself since the late 1990's as a designer of hard-wearing, well-performing ski gear. The Finn's know a thing or two about the extremes of winter weather, and Halti gear has a good reputation for keeping out the elements.

Halti is extremely popular back home on the slopes and ski-tracks of Finland, but whilst it's failed to make much impact in the UK market, it has started to become increasingly popular in mainland Europe over the last few years.

Halti Company History

Halti was formed back in 1976, with hiking and camping gear the main point of interest for the company. The brand name comes from the Halti Fell, which at 1324m is the highest point in Finland. The 1980's saw Halti branch out into more clothing gear, but it wasn't until the late 1990s that it started to launch a collection of alpine ski clothing. Around the same time Halti began to sponsor the Finnish Alpine ski team, and by 2010 it had truly established itself in the alpine arena, a regular sight on the ski slopes around northern Europe, and a sponsor of a number of alpine stars.

Halti Style

Halti gear has got a good, clean, modern look to it. It's probably not got the same reputation for style as some of it's Scandanavian rivals such as Peak Performance but it still looks pretty good.

Halti - Performance

No worries when it comes to how Halti gear will stand up to the rigours of winter wear, this is good stuff that comes with a decent reputation.

Halti - Pricing

Halti ski gear is not cheap. You're looking at somewhere between £250 to £300 for the majority of their top jackets, although their are some below £200 and some above £300.

Halti - Stockists

Halti clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

Halti - Useful Links

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