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Snow King Slalom Zagreb

The Snow Queen/King Trophy are annual FIS World Cup women's/men's slalom races held on the Sljeme slope just outside of Zagreb. The original Snow Queen Trophy was started for women in 2005, with a men's race added 3 years later in 2008. Whilst the races are officially called the Snow Queen Trophy, we refer to men's champions as the Snow King, to avoid confusion, and because it sounds like it has something to do with our website ;)

The Snow Queen Trophy is unique in that it's the only major ski race to be held so close to a major city, and this has naturally made it a very popular and well attended race thanks to thousands of fans who flock to the Sljeme slopes from Zagreb.

The award ceremony for the winner is also pretty unique - not only does the winner get a crystal crown (with the names of the winners on it) but they're also presented with it on a throne whilst wearing a special Snow King robe.

In 2013 the Snow Queen Trophy races were included in the Club 5 Ski Classics list.

Race Details for Snow King Trophy World Cup Slalom Ski Race at Zagreb

The race takes place on the slopes of Sljeme, which is the highest peak of the Medvednica mountain, just to the north of the city of Zagreb.

Snow King Men's Slalom Champions at Sljeme/Zagreb

The list of winners of the Zagreb men's slalom since the event was first run in 2008 are as follows:

Season Race Date Winner 2nd Place 3rd Place
2007-08 17/02/2008 Mario Matt (AUT) Ivica Kostelic (CRO) Reinfried Herbst (AUT)
2008-09 06/01/2009 Jean-Baptiste Grange (FRA) Ivica Kostelic (CRO) Giuliano Razzoli (ITA)
2009-10 06/01/2010 Giuliano Razzoli (ITA) Manfred Mölgg (ITA) Julien Lizeroux (FRA)
2010-11 06/01/2011 André Myhrer (SWE) Ivica Kostelic (CRO) Mattias Hargin (SWE)
2011-12 05/01/2012 Marcel Hirscher (GER) Felix Neureuther (GER) Ivica Kostelic (CRO)
2012-13 06/01/2013 Marcel Hirscher (GER) André Myhrer (SWE) Mario Matt (AUT)
2013-14 06/01/2014 No snow / no race - -
2014-15 06/01/2015 Marcel Hirscher (GER) Felix Neureuther (GER) Sebastian Foss Solevåg (NOR)
2015-16 06/01/2016 No snow / no race - -
2016-17 05/01/2017 Manfred Mölgg (ITA) Felix Neureuther (GER) Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR)

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