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Each month we fill the Snowkings wishlist with highly desirable ski and snow-related items, and then stare at it enviously for weeks on end wishing that we'd tried harder at school. Or gone into banking. Yes, highly desirable often means v.expensive, so whilst a couple of the smaller items might be attainable for us, most are going to require those pesky lottery numbers to come up trumps for once...

December 2016 Wishlist

  • Tickets to the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

November 2016 Wishlist

October 2016 Wishlist

  • To book the Coffee Gondola for cold Saturday mornings at the kids football. Just when you thought everything had been thought of, someone comes up with a great idea like this.
  • Webcams to show some early autumn snow.
  • Business-class flights and tickets to the opening weekend of the ski-racing World Cup at Solden. And a victory for Marcel Hirscher to keep the locals happy.

September 2016 Wishlist

  • Alpine favourite, Paulaner, to be sold in our local.
  • One of the re-created ZX Spectrum Vega's. So we can play Horace Goes Skiing again.

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