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Ski and Snowboard Magazines

Below is a list of all the magazines relating to winter sports that we're aware of in the UK. If you know of any others then contact us.

Name Details
Fall-Line Skiing

Official Website:
UK-based skiing and snowsports magazine, it may not be as widely available as Ski & Snowboard magazine, but it still shifts around 40,000 copies per issue and it's a good read, especially some of the equipment tests. Some excellent photos in it too. We've seen it on sale in WHSmith, some of the larger supermarkets, large independent newsagents, and there's always the old subscription route if you cant find it locally. It's sister magazine for boarders is Document Snowboard.
Ski and Board

Official Website:
Published by the Ski Club of Great Britain, it's available free to all it's members (membership is open to all but there is annual fee) or, for non-members, the magazine is available for an annual subscription of just £15. There's probably a wider range of articles than you'll find in some of the other publications, with regular features on the history of the sport and figures from the racing scene, something the others don't tend to worry too much about.

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