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Formed back in 1982, SOS (which stands for Sportswear of Sweden) is a ski and snowboard brand from er... well, Sweden (yes, this is definitely a brand that does what it says on the tin !). Back in the 80's SOS was only to be found on the slopes of the Swedish mountains, but it's now sold all over Europe and North America, with it's popularity actually highest in Switzerland.

SOS Company History

Sportswear of Sweden was started back in 1982 by Bo Aggersborg but it's ownership transferred to Rickard Pallson in 2006. The company still has its headquarters in Stockholm and in recent years has made concentrated efforts to go back to it's roots by marketing itself as a serious brand created by skiers, for skiers.

SOS Style

What can you say about the Swedes and their fellow Scandanavian's when it comes to style on the slopes ? They tend to like their gear bright and smart, and SOS is no exception. Their jackets tend to be single colours with contrasting zippers or hood interiors just to give it a bit of an edge.

SOS - Performance

SOS ski wear has had a good reputation ever since their jackets and pants hit the slopes of mainland Europe in the 90s. The company was started up with the idea of creating skiwear for skiers, by skiers, with high quality weatherproof materials and production. Recent years has seen the company trying to really promote it's good as high quality, and it's unlikely that you'll be disappointed.

SOS - Pricing

SOS Jackets tend to range in price from about 250 to 350 pounds.

SOS - Stockists

SOS clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

SOS - Useful Links

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