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Rab is a British company specialising in outdoor clothing and gear, particularly well known for it's background in designing and manufacturing top quality sleeping bags.

Whilst Rab's background is in mountaineering and extreme-cold expeditions, it has expanded to such a degree that in some areas of the United Kingdon (the north in particular) it now seems to be one of the most popular brands for general outdoor activities such as hiking and walking.

Whilst Rab's focus remains in the mountaineering arena, as well as it's new-found popularity on the streets and hills as a general outdoor activities brand, we've seen quite a few recreational skiers doubling-up on the use of their Rab jackets by using them on the slopes of Europe too.

Rab Company History

The origins of the Rab brand date back to the 1970's, when Scottish mountaineer Rab Carrington (see what he did there with the brand name ?) started making his own sleeping bags during expeditions to the mountains of Patagonia in South America.

In the early 1980's, and now based in Sheffield, Carrington started manufacturing the sleeping bags at his home. The idea of a professional mountaineer and climber, making gear for other climbers, soon caught hold in the thriving, local, Peak District and north of England climbing scene, and by the mid 1980's he was also making outdoor jackets, and had expanded his technology and use of materials - becoming the first manufacturer to use Pertex in the manufacture of down jackets and sleeping bags.

In 2004 Rab Carrington sold the company, and it's now owned by Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd (which also owns the Lowe Alpine brand). The company still has its headquarters not too far from Rab's original Sheffield home - just over the South Yoorkshire county border in Somercotes, Derbyshire. Rab's product range has expanded somewhat from the 1980's and now ranges from the traditional sleeping bags and down jackets right through to base-layers, waterproof jackets and trousers, t-shirts and accessories such as gloves and hats. Over recent years the brand has become exceedingly popular with outdoor enthusiasts in the north of England.

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