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Icebreaker Company History

The merino wool industry has become a big business for New Zealand thanks to Icebreaker and it's founder Jeremy Moon. Strangely, up until the point that he started producing his products with merino wool back in 1994, it was actually a cheaper option than traditional wool, and was blended in with it. It's quite the opposite now, and has become something of a premium product in the clothing industry. Icebreaker has also introduced strict conditions to ensure a high standard of animal welfare and environmental/social issues. whilst the company has also worked closely with it's sheep farmers in New Zealand, handing out large, long-term contracts so that the farmers can also plan for the long-term. One of the things we love is their fantastically named Baacode system. Ok, so we're not sure how many people will really want to trace the origins of their Icebreaker merino product right back to a particular sheep farm in New Zealan's Southern Alps, but the name alone is genius !

Icebreaker Style

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Icebreaker - Performance

If you're looking for base-layers and mid-layers with comfort, warmth and breathability, then Icebreaker's merino-based products are about as good as it gets.

Icebreaker - Pricing

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Icebreaker - Stockists

Icebreaker clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

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