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Henri Duvillard

Marketed as a sub-brand from the Degre 7 group, Henri Duvillard (also referred to as H Duvillard or simply Duvillard) is one of the most stylish labels that you'll come across on the slopes or in the bars around Europe's most fashionable resorts.

Henri Duvillard Company History

Henri Duvillard is one of the most charismatic figures of Alpine Ski Racing. Back in the late 1960's and early 70's, the Frenchman was one of the leading lights of the FIS World Cup scene, winning classics such as the Wengen Lauberhorn downhill in 1970 and also becoming one of only seven other skiers to have won World Cup races in every discipline that was run at the time.

Some issues within the French ski team eventually saw him take the remarkable step of retiring from the World Cup scene when he was only 25, and he moved to America to join the US Pro Tour, eventually becoming champion 3 years later.

After retiring from ski racing altogether, Duvillard then helped set up the eponymous ski wear company. Famed for it's stylish design and looks, the brand was taken over in 2001 by the Degre 7 group, although Henri Duvillard has kept his connections with the label, acting as an ambassador for it in France and around the world.

Henri Duvillard Style

The Duvillard label is marketed as Degre 7's extremely chic range of skiwear. To be honest, Degre 7's standard technical range of clothing is extremely good looking and fashionable, but the H.Duvillard range takes it up a notch or two on the chic-ometer.

Henri Duvillard - Performance

As with some of the other highly-fashionable and elegant labels, you will look at some of the Duvillard collections, particularly the fur-trimmed hoods, and wonder if it's more suited to the city than the slopes, but it's close-fitting designs and smart looks are also backed up by extremely high-quality materials and production standards, making it suitable for both.

Henri Duvillard - Pricing

Prices of jackets in Degre 7's "Technical" range tend to average around the 350 to 400 pound mark, and the Duvillard label is higher still, with many of the jackets heading over the 500 pound mark.

Henri Duvillard - Stockists

Henri Duvillard clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

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