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Four Elements

Swedish skiwear brand Four Elements is virtually unknown in the UK, but has a growing reputation in it's homeland as well as the other Scandanavian countries. The company also plan to launch it's products over the pond in the State and Canada in 2013, so it could be a range that's worth keeping an eye on.

Four Elements Company History

The Four Elements brand was founded in 1999, and the main reason was simple - the guys who formed the company wanted to create skiwear that they would use themselves, and so they did. Four Elements is based in Sweden, with the headquarters in Stockholm.

Four Elements Style

In their words... "The style of our products? We try to make them traditionally modern."

Four Elements - Performance

Yet again, Four Elements principle is that if their products are good enough for them, as both designers and skiers, then they will also be good enough for their customers. So their products are high-tech, and well made, in order to achieve their goal.

Four Elements - Pricing

Prices of a Four Elements jacket start from around 350 euros.

Four Elements - Stockists

Four Elements clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

Unfortunately, at the moment Four Elements gear is only available in Sweden, Norway and Finland. There are plans to start distributing into the United States and Canada but as yet no news on any sales points in the UK.

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