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Whilst not as famed as the Swiss rail system, the rail network of alpine neighbours Austria is also excellent, and a great way to travel the country in both summer and winter.

Austrain Rail Ticket Options

There are a number of options for travelling by train in Austria. The options are basically the same as for travelling on a train in the UK - just buying a ticket for a specific destination (cheaper if you book it in advance and know that you definitely won't be cancelling it) or getting some form of rail pass (extremely flexible as you can just just jump on any train). The rail passes have a number of options, limiting you to a number of days travel within a certain period. The more days of travel that you add to your pass, the more expensive it becomes. It's worth investigating the cost of the options because it can often be cheaper to book individual tickets in advance if you know which train journey's you will be making and when you want to travel.

Austrian Rail Passes

Whilst Alpine neighbour Switzerland has it's own specific set of rail passes, Austria follows the pattern of the other major European countries and uses the InterRail Pass for other European visitors to travel around on. Their are two main options on the InterRail pass, a global option that allows travel between any number of different participating countries, and a One Country Pass for travel in just one specific country, such as Austria.

It's worth noting that there is also a pass called the Eurail Pass but this is for use by non-European visitors.

Austrian Rail Passes v Individual Journet Tickets

If you know which journey's you want to make then total up the cost. The best place to look is the website for the national railway of Austria (the OBB, or Österreichische Bundesbahnen). Don't panic - it's a real nice clear website with full instructions and timetable in English. Have a look at the cost of the Austrain rail passes.

Total up the cost of your

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