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Four Hills Tournament

The Four Hills Tournament is a prestigious annual ski jumping competition that takes place on four different hills in Germany and Austria over the new year period.

The Four Hills Tournament has taken place since 1952 at the same four venues, Obertsdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany, along with Innsbruck and Bischofshofen in Austria.

It remains one of the most spectacular events in world sport, particularly if you get chance to visit one of the hills and see the jumps live, seeing first hand not only the incredible distances the athletes are jumping but also the fantastic atmosphere that the German and Austrian crowds create.

The Four Hills Tournament is also commonly referred to as Vierschanzentournee, which is the German name of the event.

Four Hills Ski-Jumping Tournament Winners

The list of winners of the overall title of the Four Hills Tournament since the event started back in 1952 are as follows:

Year Winner Nationality
2016-17 Kamil Stoch Poland
2015-16 Peter Prevc Slovenia
2014-15 Stefan Kraft Austria
2013-14 Thomas Diethart Austria
2012-13 Gregor Schlierenzauer Austria
2011-12 Gregor Schlierenzauer Austria
2010-11 Thomas Morgenstern Austria
2009-10 Andreas Kofler Austria
2008-09 Wolfgang Loitzl Austria
2007-08 Janne Ahonen Finland
2006-07 Anders Jacobsen Norway
2005-06 Janne Ahonen Finland
2004-05 Janne Ahonen Finland
2003-04 Sigurd Pettersen Norway
2002-03 Janne Ahonen Finland
2001-02 Sven Hannawald Germany
2000-01 Adam Malysz Poland
1999-00 Andreas Widholzl Austria
1998-99 Janne Ahonen Finland
1997-98 Kazuyoshi Funaki Japan
1996-97 Primoz Peterka Slovenia
1995-96 Jens Weissflog Germany
1994-95 Andreas Goldberger Austria
1993-94 Espen Bredesen Norway
1992-93 Andreas Goldberger Austria
1991-92 Toni Nieminen Finland
1990-91 Jens Weissflog Germany
1989-90 Dieter Thoma West Germany
1988-89 Risto Laakkonen Finland
1987-88 Matti Nykanen Finland
1986-87 Ernst Vettori Austria
1985-86 Ernst Vettori Austria
1984-85 Jens Weissflog East Germany
1983-84 Jens Weissflog East Germany
1982-83 Matti Nykanen Finland
1981-82 Manfred Deckert East Germany
1980-81 Hubert Neuper Austria
1979-80 Hubert Neuper Austria
1978-79 Pentti Kokkonen Finland
1977-78 Kari Ylianttila Finland
1976-77 Jochen Danneberg East Germany
1975-76 Jochen Danneberg East Germany
1974-75 Willi Purstl Austria
1973-74 Hans-Georg Aschenbach East Germany
1972-73 Rainer Schmidt East Germany
1971-72 Ingolf Mork Norway
1970-71 Jiri Raska Czechoslovakia
1969-70 Horst Queck East Germany
1968-69 Bjorn Wirkola Norway
1967-68 Bjorn Wirkola Norway
1966-67 Bjorn Wirkola Norway
1965-66 Veikko Kankkonen Finland
1964-65 Torgeir Brandtzaeg Norway
1963-64 Veikko Kankkonen Finland
1962-63 Toralf Engan Norway
1961-62 Eino Kirjonen Finland
1960-61 Helmut Recknagel East Germany
1959-60 Max Bolkart West Germany
1958-59 Helmut Recknagel East Germany
1957-58 Helmut Recknagel East Germany
1956-57 Pentti Uotinen Finland
1955-56 Nikolay Kamenskiy Russia
1954-55 Hemmo Silvennoinen Finland
1953-54 Olav Bjornstad Norway
1952-53 Sepp Bradl Austria

2015-16 Four Hills Ski-Jumping Tournament

Overall Oberstdorf Garmisch Innsbruck Bischofshofen
P.Prevc S.Freund P.Prevc P.Prevc P.Prevc

2014-15 Four Hills Ski-Jumping Tournament

Austrian youngster Stefan Kraft made it an incredible 7 wins in a row for Austrian skiers in the Four Hills Ski-Jumping Tournament by claiming overall victory in the 2014-15 competition. The 21 year old from Schwarzach im Pongau, led for the entire tournament after winning the opener at Oberstdorf as well as a 2nd place at Innsbruck and a 3rd in the final leg in Bischofshofen. Kraft could only manager 6th in the 2nd leg at Garmisch-Partenkirchen but with a range of jumpers being placed on the podiums and no-one else dominating, his consistency landed him the title. Anders Jacobsen of Norway won at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Richard Freitag of Germany claimed the hill at Innsbruck, whilst Kraft's compatriot Michael Hayböck won the final jump at Bischofshofen, meaning he finished 2nd overall, just ahead of Slovenia's Peter Prevc.

2013-14 Four Hills Ski-Jumping Tournament

Austrian youngster Thomas Diethart made it 6 wins in a row for Austrian skiers in the Four Hills Ski-Jumping Tournament by claiming overall victory in the 2013-14 competition. The 23 year old Austrian won at both Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the final leg in Bischofshofen after Swiss jumper Simon Ammann and Finnish Anssi Koivuranta had won at Obertsdorf and Inssbruck respectively. In claiming victory at Innsbruck, Koivuranta, a former Nordic-combined skier, became the first person to win an event in both the Nordic-Combined and the Ski Jumping World Cup.

2012-13 Four Hills Ski-Jumping Tournament

The world's most famous ski jumping competition finished yesterday with the final event at Bischofshofen in Austria. The final event was won by reigning champion Gregor Schlierenzauer who stormed back to win the competition with victory on the previous hill at Innsbruck having seen Norwegian Anders Jacobsen claimed victory on both the opening hill at Oberstdorf and the 2nd hill at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Jacobsen finished in 2nd place, just 13 points behind, whilst fellow Norwegian Tom Hilde took 3rd place.

2011-12 Four Hills Ski-Jumping Tournament

The final event at Bischofshofen in Austria was won by reigning champion Thomas Morgenstern but the overall tournament winner was fellow Austrian Gregor Schlierenzauer, who had claimed victory on both the opening hill at Oberstdorf and the 2nd hill at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Andreas Kofler, who had won the third event at Innsbruck, finished in 3rd place to make it a famous 1-2-3 for the high-flying Austrians.

2010-11 Four Hills Ski-Jumping Tournament

Pre-tournament favourite Thomas Morgenstern lived up to his billing by claiming his first Four Hills Tournament victory. The 24 year old Austrian from Spittal an der Drau had won 4 of the 7 pre-tournament FIS Ski Jumping World Cup events and maintained his form through the tournament, getting off to a great start by winning in Oberstdorf, and also winning in Innsbruck and taking 2nd place in the final event at Bischofshofen. The final event was won by Norwegian jumper Tom Hilde whilst Swiss superstar Simon Ammamn won the 2nd event at Garmisch-Partenkirchen and also claimed 2nd place overall, meaning he still hasn't won the Four Hills Tournament.

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