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A full list of the men's FIS Skiing World Cup Downhill champions since the first competition was held back in 1967.

The first ever downhill title was claimed by legendary Frenchman Jean-Claude Killy, and since then the greatest names in the history of the sport have lay claim to it, with the likes of Franz Klammer, Bernhard Russi, Karl Schranz, and more recently Pirmin Zurbriggen, Hermann Maier and Didier Cuche all having won the skiing downhill title at least twice in their careers.

FIS Skiing World Cup Men's Downhill Champions

Aksel Lund Svindal's victory in the 2012-13 FIS Downhill World Cup meant that he became the first non-Austrian or Swiss racer to win the season-long event since his fellow countryman Lasse Kjus back in the 1998-99 season. Svindal's victory also means that only six different racers have won since 2000 - Svindal, Kroell, Cuche, Walchofer, Stephan Eberharter and Hermann Maier. But with the latter four racers all now retired and Kroell and Svindal approaching the tail-ends of their careers, it will soon be time for a new list of racers to write a new chapter in the downhill history book.

The list of winners of the FIS Downhill since the event started back in the late 60's is as follows:

Year Winner Nationality
2014 Axsel Lund Svindal Norway
2013 Axsel Lund Svindal Norway
2012 Klaus Kroell Austria
2011 Didier Cuche Switzerland
2010 Didier Cuche Switzerland
2009 Michael Walchhofer Austria
2008 Didier Cuche Switzerland
2007 Didier Cuche Switzerland
2006 Michael Walchhofer Austria
2005 Michael Walchhofer Austria
2004 Stephan Eberharter Austria
2003 Stephan Eberharter Austria
2002 Stephan Eberharter Austria
2001 Hermann Maier Austria
2000 Hermann Maier Austria
1999 Lasse Kjus Norway
1998 Andreas Schifferer Austria
1997 Luc Alphand France
1996 Luc Alphand France
1995 Luc Alphand France
1994 Marc Girardelli Luxembourg
1993 Franz Heinzer Switzerland
1992 Franz Heinzer Switzerland
1991 Franz Heinzer Switzerland
1990 Helmut Hoeflehner Austria
1989 Marc Girardelli Luxembourg
1988 Pirmin Zurbriggen Switzerland
1987 Pirmin Zurbriggen Switzerland
1986 Peter Wirnsberger Austria
1985 Helmut Hoeflehner Austria
1984 Urs Räber Switzerland
1983 Franz Klammer Austria
1982 Peter Muller Switzerland
1982 Steve Podborski Canada
1981 Harti Weirather Austria
1980 Peter Muller Switzerland
1979 Peter Muller Switzerland
1978 Franz Klammer Austria
1977 Franz Klammer Austria
1976 Franz Klammer Austria
1975 Franz Klammer Austria
1974 Roland Collombin Switzerland
1973 Roland Collombin Switzerland
1972 Bernhard Russi Switzerland
1971 Bernhard Russi Switzerland
1970 Karl Schranz Austria
1970 Karl Cordin Austria
1969 Karl Schranz Austria
1968 Gerhard Nenning Austria
1967 Jean-Claude Killy France

FIS Skiing World Cup Men's Downhill Most Successful Skiers

The legendary Klammer Express himself, aka Franz Klammer, still holds the record for the most downhill titles with 5 to his name. Didier Cuche recently became the only other skier to have won 4 titles but his retirement after the 2011-12 season meant he just missed out on matching Klammer's haul. There are five skiers with 3 titles, including recently retired Michael Walchhofer, whilst a whole host of big names have won it twice, including legends such as Russi, Maier and Zurbriggen.

Number of Titles Name Nationality Years
5 Franz Klammer Austria 1975 1976 1977 1978 1983
4 Didier Cuche Switzerland 2007 2008 2010 2011
3 Luc Alphand France 1995 1996 1997
3 Stephan Eberharter Austria 2002 2003 2004
3 Franz Heinzer Switzerland 1991 1992 1993
3 Peter Muller Switzerland 1979 1980 1982
3 Michael Walchhofer Austria 2005 2006 2009
2 Roland Collombin Switzerland 1973 1974
2 Marc Girardelli Luxembourg 1989 1994
2 Helmut Hoeflehner Austria 1985 1990
2 Hermann Maier Austria 2000 2001
2 Bernhard Russi Switzerland 1971 1972
2 Karl Schranz Austria 1969 1970
2 Aksel Lund Svindal Norway 2013 2014
2 Pirmin Zurbriggen Switzerland 1987 1988
1 Karl Cordin Austria 1970
1 Jean-Claude Killy France 1967
1 Klaus Kroell Austria 2012
1 Lasse Kjus Norway 1999
1 Gerhard Nenning Austria 1968
1 Steve Podborski Canada 1982
1 Urs Räber Switzerland 1984
1 Andreas Schifferer Austria 1998
1 Harti Weirather Austria 1981
1 Peter Wirnsberger Austria 1986

FIS Skiing World Cup Men's Downhill Most Successful Nations

Only one winner here, as Klaus Kroell's recent title means the Austrians are well ahead of their old rivals Switzerland in the number of titles won. Still surprising that the Americans have yet to win this title and that the Canadians have only won it once. Oh yes, and it's good to see that mighty Alpine nation Luxembourg featuring so prominently as well in 5th place !

Number of Titles Nation Years
23 Austria 1968 1969 1970 1970 1975 1976 1977 1978 1981 1983 1985 1986 1990 1998 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2009 2012
16 Switzerland 1971 1972 1973 1974 1979 1980 1982 1984 1987 1988 1991 1992 1993 2007 2008 2010
4 France 1967 1995 1996 1997
3 Norway 1999 2013 2014
2 Luxembourg 1989 1994
1 Canada 1982

2012-13 Men's Skiing Downhill Title

The final downhill of the year at Lenzerheide was cancelled due to fog, so race fans were denied an exciting end to the season and Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal took the title as the leading downhiller up to that point. The 30 year-old became only the 2nd Norwegian to win the title, following Lasse Kjus back in 1999, and meant he'd done the downhill-double after winning the World Championship in the event in Schladming a few weeks earlier.

2011-12 Men's Skiing Downhill Title

Klaus Kroell's victory in the 2011-12 FIS Downhill World Cup meant that he ended Didier Cuche's chances of making it three titles in a row. The Swiss legend had previously won four out of the previous five titles, an incredible effort that had put him within touching distance of joining the ski-racing daddy himself, Franz Klammer, on five titles. But Cuche's retirement after the 2011-12 season put an end to those hopes. Kroell's victory also means that only five different racers have won since 2000 - Kroell, Cuche, Walchofer, Stephan Eberharter and Hermann Maier. But with the latter four racers all now retired and Kroell approaching the tail-end of his career, it will soon be time for a new list of racers to write a new chapter in the downhill history book.

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