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Salomon is one of most popular names in the world of skiing. The French-based company is best known for it's skis and ski boots, but has become a player in ski clothing too during recent years.

Salomon Company History

The Salomon company was started up back in 1947 by Francois Salomon in the French town of Annecy. Salomon were extremely innovative during the 1980s in the manufacturing of ski equipment, particularly in it's design and production of ski boots. German sports giants Adidas bought them in 1997, but 8 years later, in 2005, Adidas sold the Salomon Group on again - this time to Amer Sports of Finland for a whopping 490 million euros. Rather surprisingly, Amer Sports were at the time the biggest sports company in the world, despite many people in the UK never having heard of them.

Salomon Style

Ok, so Salomon are, and probably always will be, best known for their ski equipment, but their clothing is good quality too. There's nothing too outrageous or outlandish in it's styling, and the design and approach seems more aimed at a mainstream market.

Salomon - Performance

With such a strong background in winter sports, Salomon gear is always going to have a functional approach, and this applies as much to it's range of clothing as it's hardware.

Salomon - Pricing

Pricing is quite mainstream too.

Salomon - Stockists

Salomon clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

Salomon - Useful Links

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