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Dutch ski clothing brand Goldbergh is a fashionable label aimed at the luxury end of the women's ski-wear market. A relatively young company, having been founded in the Netherlands in 2009, Goldbergh has become a popular sight in ski boutiques around Europe and North America.

Goldbergh's success proves that there's no reason why designers from non-Alpine countries, such as The Netherlands, can't be involved in winter-sports clothing, it doesn't just need to be the realm of the Alpine and North American countries who have traditionally designed and manufactured in this arena.

Goldbergh Company History

Goldbergh was founded in The Netherlands in 2009, and is the brainchild of two business-people, Sandra Peet and Lieke van den Berg, the former the owner of award-winning ski-store De Skihut, whilst the latter was the owner and designer of ski-wear label Aphrodisiac Sport.

De Skihut was well known amongst well-heeled skiers in The Netherlands, stocking many of the sports trendiest and most-expensive brands, and with an array of high-profile celebrity customers, including members of the Dutch Royal Family. The two teamed up to create a new luxury ski-wear brand, with an emphasis on the brand is more on the fashion side, and creating a chic range of high-quality ski-wear and après design for women.

Goldbergh's headquarters are now in Amsterdam, and its designs can be found in high-quality ski boutiques across Europe and North America.

Goldbergh Style

The Goldbergh label was setup to be a fashionable and stylish brand, and is certainly aimed to be as much of interest to fashionistas as it is to skiing fanatics. Both of Goldbergh's founders, Sandra Peet and Lieke van den Berg, were owners of high-end winter-sports stores in The Netherlands before they started the Goldbergh company.

Goldbergh ski-wear is aimed at the luxury end of the market. One look at their winter collection shows how stylish their products are - close-fitting, fur-trims, contrast belts etc, giving Goldbergh that certain look about it that you associate with luxury ski brands.

Goldbergh also produces a number of matching casual-wear and après items, just as fashionable as its on-piste designs.

Goldbergh - Performance

Whilst Goldbergh's products are very well made and put together, with a high standard of materials being used, it would be hard to argue that their focus is primarily on the design and fashion element of their chic ski-wear products.

Goldbergh - Pricing

Many of the Goldbergh ski jackets are priced in the 400 to 500 pound price range, with Goldbergh ski pants around the 200 pound mark.

Goldbergh - Stockists

Goldbergh clothing is available at the following Ski and Snow-sports Shops:

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