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Canada Goose

Whilst Canada Goose does not make jackets specifically for skiing and boarding, it's outerwear has such a good reputation that we would be crazy not to include it alongside other brands.

As the name suggests, it's a Canadian brand, and even though the parent company has been around since the late 1950's, the Canada Goose brand itself is relatively modern, having been re-branded from Snow Goose at the end of the 1990's.

The Canada Goose brand is best known for it's traditional fur-lined parka-style jackets, which as well as having a good reputation for keeping Canadians warm during their long, freezing winters, now have a reputation as an icon for winter-style amongst the rich and famous.

Canada Goose Company History

The parent company who make Canada Goose was founded in Canada by Sam Tick back in 1957 by Sam Tick, under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd. In the 1990's the company sold down-filled jackets under the name Snow Goose, but in 2000 re-branded as Canada Goose. The company has its headquarters in Toronto but given the company's popularity during the late 90's in Scandanavia, a European office was opened in Stockholm. The company has continued to buck the trend of many other clothing manufacturers by retaining it's production in it's country, and continues to market itself heavily as a top-quality Canadian brand that is still designed and 100% manufactured in the country.

Canada Goose Style

As well as having a good reputation for their warmth, Canada Goose products have become highly desirable fashion items, particularly their jackets, something that is now reflected in their price range, which is definitely aimed at the top end of the market. The jackets are traditionally Parka style, with fur-lined hoods and down filling for extra warmth. And with the big trademark Canada Goose badge on the chest.

The jackets have become a favourite amongst the rich and the famous, with big names such as Matt Damon, Hilary Duff and Emma Watson all having been spotted in them. Canada Goose jackets have also made appearances in some Hollywood blockbusters, such as The Day After Tomorrow and National Treasure, all good publicity for the brand (unless you don't like the films or the celebs that sport them!).

Canada Goose - Performance

The jackets made by Canada Goose are filled with goose and duck down to give them their warmth. The company makes a big thing about it's jackets and products still being produced 100% in it's homeland of Canada, with a big commitment to retaining top quality craftsmanship and this quality being reflected in the finished article. The philosophy is that extreme weather is part of the culture of Canada, so where better to have your gear designed, created and tested ? It's a philosophy that maybe more companies could follow - yes you could ship production off to another area of the world, but it's great that some brands aren't forgetting their roots and their heritage and are still manufacturing the products themselves.

Canada Goose - Pricing

The rise in popularity of Canada Goose in recent years, especially their jackets, have now made them highly desirable as fashion garments, as well as seriously warm jackets. This is reflected in the price range, which is definitely aimed at the top end of the market, and you are looking at between 600 to 800 pounds for one of their Parka-style jackets. Even a Canada Goose body-warmer/vest is going to set you back over 250 pounds.

Canada Goose - Stockists

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