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View over Murren to the Eiger. - (c) Jungfrau Tourism

Murren is a traditional village set in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. Like its near neighbour Wengen, it has a rich tradition of skiing, ski racing and British visitors.

Perched on a ledge at the end of the Lauterbrunnen valley, it sits at an elevation of 1,650m, considerably higher than both Grindelwald and Wengen. Murren is the smallest of the three three big Jungfrau resorts, and we've always found it the most traditional. Maybe it's because of the combination of it's location at the end of the valley, and it's pedestrianised village centre (give or take a few hotel or business vehicles that bomb around), but it seems an even more peaceful spot than Wengen and Grindelwald, unless you're in town for the annual Inferno Race...

As with many of the villages in the Jungfrau area, Murren is a popular destination in both winter and summer.

Murren - The Good, the Bad, ...and the Facts!

  • Murren Resort Alititude: 1650m.
  • Incredible jaw-dropping Jungfrau scenery.
  • Beautiful village - extremely rustic.
  • Family friendly - Murren is traffic free.
  • Takes longer to get to Murren than the other Jungfrau resorts.
  • Home to Piz Gloria (from the Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service).

Murren Live Streams

No live-streams are currently available for Murren.

Murren Web Cameras

A list of webcams for Murren and the surrounding area.

Murren Snow Record

Murren is Family Friendly

Families or couples looking for somewhere traditional and pleasant will love the charm of it all, and it seems many get seduced into returning year after year to Murren and the surrounding area. The pedestrianised centre is extremely good if you have kids, but do be careful of the hotel's electric vehicles, some of them still zip around at a fair old pace and one or two of the drivers seem oblivious to the fact that there are small children around.

Murren has Amazing Scenery

Often overlooked in favour of neighbouring Wengen and Grindelwald, Murren's scenery is still absolutely stunning, with it's views of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau towering over everything in one direction and the Schilthorn in the other. It remains a hotly debated topic as to which of the big three Jungfrau resorts has the best view, but to be honest you can't go wrong with any of them. The views down the valley towards Lauterbrunnen and over to Wengen and Mannlichen are equally amazing, and on a clear day there are only a few resorts in Europe that can match the quality of views that Murren has on offer.

Any Summer Skiing at Murren ?

Surprisingly, given the size of the mountains that are surrounding Murren and the Jungfrau region, you can't actually ski anywhere in the summer. The Eiger has a glacier (the Eigergletscher) and from the visitor centre at the top of the Jungfraujoch you're right next to another one, actually the largest glacier in the Alps - the Great Aletsch Glacier (Grosser Aletschgletscher) but there are no lifts or skiing on these. Instead, Murren and the Jungfrau area turns its attention to a whole host of other outdoor activities during the summer months, such as hiking, climbing, paragliding and water-sports down on the lakes near Interlaken.

Murren History

Like many ski resorts, Murren's reason for existing before the advent of tourism and ski holidays was as a farming community. It's growth follows a similar path to Wengen's, being linked in the same manner to the wealthy British pioneers who popularized it at the turn of the 20th century - people such as Henry Lunn who started alpine clubs for gentlemen and who introduced the notion of packaged winter holidays to the area. By the 1920s it was his son Arnold Lunn who was progressing things even further and about to ingrain Murren into ski race history by forming the Kandahar Ski Club in 1924.

Murren - Getting There

As with neighbouring Wengen, there is no public road up to Murren, so access to the village is via a combination of funicular/railway from Lauterbrunnen or by cable-car at the far end end of the valley down at Stechelberg, coming up past Gimmelwald. The funicular is the most used of these two methods. When you arrive at Lauterbrunnen train station you can either get on a train to go up one side of the valley to Wengen, or get on the funicular on the other side up to Murren. The funicular takes you straight up the steep side of the valley and you then get on a narrow-gauge train (the Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Murren) that takes you along a ledge overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley below and into the village of Murren itself.

To get to Lauterbrunnen you should consider travelling by train - it takes about 3 and a half hours from Geneva with changes required at Bern, Interlaken Ost and Lauterbrunnen. This may sound like a long time and a lot of hassle having to change stations but it's worth it. It's a fantastic journey around Lake Geneva to start with and then the final legs as you hit the Bernese Oberland.

Getting to the Slopes at Murren

Getting to the Schilthorn Ski Area above Murren

The Schilthorn ski area on the slopes above Murren can be split into roughly 4 sub areas: Schilthorn-Birg-Obere Hubel, Allmendhubel, Maulerhubel-Winteregg and the Schiltgrat-Gimmeln area.

The Schilthorn-Birg-Obere Hubel area is accessed by the Schilthornbahn cable car from the centre of the resort. The cable car actually comes up from Gimmelwald down below Murren, and then up to Birg and then beyond to the famous revolving restaurant on the top of the Schilthorn. This is the highest lift in the Schilthorn area, and just below this is the starting point of the famous Inferno run.

For those skiers looking to access the pistes around the Allmendhubel area, the easiest way to get there is to take the Allmendhubelbahn funicular, which is located in the resort, roughly halfway between the railway station and the Schilthornbahn cable car station.

The Maulerhubel-Winteregg area is probably the trickiest place out of the four to get to for those staying in Murren. You've got to come at it from either halfway down the red pistes at Allmendhubel and then get on the Maulerhubel chairlift or get the chairlift up from Winteregg, which is the first stop on the Lauterbrunnen-Murren train.

To get to the slopes of the Schiltgrat-Gimmeln area, use the Schiltgrat chairlift from the village - it's just a bit further on from the Schilthornbahn cable-car.

The Skiing at Murren

Murren is part of the Jungfrau Region Ski Region:

Jungfrau Region

Information on the Swiss ski area Jungfrau Region, including links to the surrounding resorts, webcams, slope information and lift details.

Murren-Schilthorn Skiing Area Quick Facts:

Schilthorn Ski Area

  • Vertical Ski Range: 2970m-796m
  • Beginners: 40%
  • Intermediates: 40%
  • Experts: 20%
  • Total Slope Lengths: 54km
Okay, our guide to skiing in Murren is quite comprehensive, so if you want to follow it in detail its worth opening the piste maps for Murren.

Murren-Schilthorn Ski Area

Below is a description of the various skiing areas at Schilthorn:

Schilthorn-Birg-Obere Hubel Area

Where else could we start but Murren's most famous landmark - the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant perched on top of the Schilthorn mountain. What do you mean you've never heard of it ?!? You've most likely seen it though -it was Blofeld's mountain hideaway in the Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. There's a black run (no. 10) that starts right up here at just under 3000m. Just down this black run is where the legendary Inferno run starts, the longest downhill race in the world. The black isn't too difficult to be honest and has some great views over to the Jungfrau. It continues down to a position just above Both, from where there are a number of nice blue runs to take you down to Obere Hubel or down to the Riggli chairlift (black slope number 9 provides a trickier alternative). Obere Hubel sits at around 2400m so the snow up here is usually pretty good. However, to help ensure good conditions there are plenty of snow cannons covering the slopes down from here. There's something for everyone here with a blue, red and a couple of blacks all heading down to the bottom of the Muttleren and Kandahar chairlifts. From the bottom of the Kandahar chairlifts there's just run that connects you to the next skiing area below (Allmendhubel), but the bad news for nervy intermediates is that its a black (number 16) - a section of the Inferno run. Anyone not fancying this black needs to work there way back up to Birg using the chairlifts and then get the cable-car back down to the Schilthornbahn Station down in Murren

Allmendhubel Area

The easiest way to get to the Allmendhubel area from Murren village is to take the Allmendhubelbahn funicular. From here there's a nice easy blue (number 6) that takes you right back down to the foot of the funicular. It's got snow cannons on it as well, so the coverage is usually ok. Red 7 follows a similar route down, albeit a bit trickier for early intermediates, and connects into blue 6 towards the end. On the other side of the Allmendhubel area is a couple of short blue runs with a drag lift. A nice long red (no 5) comes down through the trees on this side too and ends up at the bottom of the funicular. There are a couple of lifts on red 5 as well - the Allmiboden chairlift connects you back up to Allmendhubel whilst Maulerhubel chairlift takes you to the top of the Maulerhubel-Winteregg area.

Maulerhubel-Winteregg Area

This area is the hardest to access from Murren village, you've got to come at it from either halfway down red pistes no 5 at Allmendhubel and then get the Maulerhubel chairlift up or get the chairlift up from Winteregg, which is the first stop on the Lauterbrunnen-Murren train. Beginners and early intermediates will find it's worth the effort because once you've got there are a couple of blues down to the base of the Maulerhubel chair and a lovely blue and red that goes in the opposite direction down to Winteregg. From Winteregg there's actually a red (no 3) that goes right down to Lauterbrunnen - this is the final section of the inferno run, so you can amuse yourself by skiing it flat out and pretending your charging to ski-race glory! Remember this is below 800m so there's no guarantee there'll be enough snow down at this level.

Schiltgrat-Gimmeln Area

Access to this area has to be done via the Schiltgrat chairlift from the village - it's just a bit further on from the Schilthornbahn cable-car. From the top of the Schiltgrat chairlift there are a number of runs down to Gimmeln - there are 2 reds (24 and 25) and a blue (23). Down at Gimmeln you've then got two options - either take the long drag lift back up to the top of Schiltgrat or take a scenic red down back down to the base of the Schiltgrat chair. As well as the pistes down to Gimmeln there are a couple more options, firstly take the blue from the top of the Schiltgrat chair and sweep left on pistes number 20 - this gives you a few options - you can take the red 23b down to the Taverne restaurant, black 21 down to Suppenalp or to the base of the Schilthornbahn, or continue on blue 22 to Sonnenberg

Jungfrau Ski Region Yearly News Update:

  • 2014: For the 2014-15 season the Schilthorn area has new lifts at Gimmeln and Allmendhubel.
  • 2014: For the 2014-15 season, also up at Schilthorn, there is the new Skyline Snowpark.
  • 2014: For the 2014-15 season, a new Half-pipe has been created at the White Elements Park at Grindelwald-First.
  • 2012: For the 2012-13 season the Wixi chairlift will be replaced by a 6-seater chairlift with weather-protection hoods.
  • 2012: For the 2012-13 season the ski-pass price will stay the same as the 2011-12 season.
  • 2012: Anyone purchasing a Jungfrau Ski Region ski-pass of at least 6 consecutive days will be able to receive a free 1 day ski pass for the Zermatt Ski Region.
  • 2012: Anyone holding a valid Jungfrau Ski Region ski-pass will be able to use the First Flyer ride free of charge.

Murren Piste Maps

A list of piste-maps for Murren and the surrounding ski areas.

Schilthorn Piste Map

Piste-map of the Schilthorn ski areas above Murren.

Murren The Resort Itself

Murren Other Activities

Tobogganing - if you're a non-skier but want some snow-related action, or you're out on a ski holiday with the family and looking for something different, then have a go on one of the many toboggan runs in the Murren area. There are plenty of tracks dedicated to sledging - one of the best goes from Murren down to Gimmelwald. You can get on the cable-car with your sled and travel back up to Murren to save you having to experience the traditional British sledging routine known as 'scrambling up a hill'. There are more good slopes for sledging from Gimmeln to Murren and also the "bob-run" (an old bobsleigh track) - although you should be aware that the ski school also use this from time to time !

Sports Facilities - as with so many small Swiss villages, Murren is blessed with great sporting facilities, the equivalent of decent-sized British towns. How about this for a list of facilities for a village boasting only a 3-figure population... a massive sports centre with an indoor sports hall, squash courts, a 25m swimming pool, a large ice-skating rink that doubles up as a mini-golf course in summer, an outside curling rink that transforms into tennis courts after winter to supplement the other dedicated tennis courts.

Murren Local Knowledge

The name is Bond... James Bond. The resort is Murren... er, just Murren. Yes, the world's most famous secret agent has a big connection to the resort of Murren thanks to the 1969 Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service. And whilst many people talk of the movie because of the controversy surrounding the appointment of unknown Aussie actor George Lazenby after replacing the legendary Sean Connery, others (like us) like to remember it for the fantastic setting.

The film's producers Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli had told production manager Hubert Frohlich to find a suitable mountain location for Ernst Stavro Blofeld's lair (the Bond villain played this time by Telly Savalas), and after searching the alpine countries Frohlich came across the Schilthorn and the revolving restaurant which was still being constructed on it. Having seen the breathtaking location and surroundings there was only ever one winner in Frohlich's mind and the movie makers but some finance into the construction to make the filming possible. Blofeld's hideaway was called Piz Gloria in the film and the revolving restaurant has retained the same name. The scenes at Piz Gloria look fantastic in the movie and have made it one of the most iconic attractions in the whole of Switzerland. Anyone paying to go up the cable car can go into the revolving restaurant and have a drink or eat, whilst on the lower floor there is a James Bond exhibition relating to the movie.

Murren Apres Ski

Murren - Any Chance of Early Snow ?

Murren Resort Style

Murren Annual Events

Annual Events in this and neighbouring resorts...

The word 'classic' is often over-used, but not in the case of this race.

Set on the slopes of the Lauberhorn above the Swiss resort of Wengen, this is a race that has the lot - history, drama and the best scenery on the World Cup calendar.

The 2016 year's event will be the 86th running of the races, making it the longest running of all the FIS World Cup races. It's traditionally run the weekend before the Hahnenkamm races at Kitzbuhel, making back-to-back classic downhill races.

Lauberhorn Races »

This spectacular ski race was started back in 1928 by 5 Brits from Murren's Kandahar Club and now has an important place on the annual ski calendar as one of the biggest and most popular amateur ski races in the world. The course is just under 15km long, starting just under the Schilthorn (think James Bond On Her Majesty's Secret Service at 2790m and finishing right down in the valley at Lauterbrunnen 2000m vertically below. The winner hurtles down in about 15 minutes but there's plenty of competition - with up to 1800 skiers taking part. The event has become big business for the village of Murren, with other events in the lead up and a massive Swiss party afterwards.

The 2016 race will be the 73rd running of the event.

Inferno Race »

Murren Useful Links

If you want some further information on Murren, then you might find these links to other sites useful...

Hotels + Chalets in Murren

Murren hotels and chalets.

Hotel Bellevue

Situated in the heart of Murren, the Bellevue Hotel offers everything you could possibly dream of - the crackling of the fireplace in the restaurant, a cosy, warm atmosphere, welcoming hosts, and the comforts of a modern hotel. Set in a sunny, quiet position, the resort's ski slopes and hiking trails are also right on the hotel's front door. The Bellevue has a large sun terrace with great views of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. Inside the rooms are in traditional Swiss-chalet style, each with a balcony, whilst the kitchen serves fine traditional local fayre.

Eiger Guest-House

Comfortably located close to the BLM train station in the beautiful village of Murren, the Eiger Guesthouse has wonderful views of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains from it's rooms, balconies and terrasse. Given it's fantastic location, winter-time visitors can often ski back from the pistes directly to the front door. The Eiger Guesthouse has a cosy restaurant serving both regional dishes and Mediterranean specialities, a bar/pub, billiard table, and 12 newly renovated bedrooms (including family rooms) with contemporary comfort such flat-screen TV's and W-LAN.

Hotel Eiger

The Hotel Eiger is situated in a great spot in Murren - directly opposite the train station. That might not be such an important factor in other resorts, but in a car-free zone such as this it's pretty handy! The Eiger has a good reputation for it's food, efficiency and charm, and many of it's guests return year after year. The hotel is very well equipped - free WI-FI Internet is available to guests throughout the whole hotel, and there is also a sauna, jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool - with the latter two having fantastic views of the Eiger and Monch mountains on the opposite side of the valley.

Hotel Chalet Fontana

Chalet Fontana is a self-catering chalet conveniently situated in the centre of Murren next to the ski shop and very close to ski lifts and at the end of the day you can ski right to the door. It is great for families the main part of the chalet takes 10-13 people there are 3 triple rooms, 2 double rooms, 2 bathrooms, a fully-fitted kitchen and lounge. On the ground floor there is also a self-contained apartment with its own entrance for 2-6 people with 2 large triple bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. Winter bookings are Sunday to Sunday. From May to November it is run as a bed and breakfast where you can book a room or apartment by the night.

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