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Gryon is a beautiful village, that has successfully managed to open itself up to tourism whilst also managing to remain authentically rustic in style, with an untouched feel to it (there are no ugly big hotel blocks in Gryon !). Like so many of the Alpes Vaudoises resorts, Gryon prides itself on it's status as one of Switzerland's most family-friendly resorts. Gryon's hotels and chalets generally make it a cheaper alternative to it's much better known neighbour - Villars. So if you fancy skiing the pistes of Villars, but at a reduced cost, then Gryon is without doubt worth considering, as it's not just the accommodation that tends to be slightly cheaper, but also the bars, eating out etc.

Gryon - The Good, the Bad, ...and the Facts!

  • Gryon Resort Alititude: 1110m.
  • Beautiful village - extremely rustic.
  • Extremely suitable for families.
  • Close to Geneva.
  • Provides a cheaper alternative to a better known neighbour - Villars.

Gryon Live Streams

No live-streams are currently available for Gryon.

Gryon Web Cameras

A list of webcams for Gryon and the surrounding area.

Gryon Snow Record

Gryon, like neighbouring Villars and the surrounding area has a great sunshine record, one of the best in Switzerland, and whilst this is great if the weather is cold enough and plenty of snow has fallen, historically Gryon's sunny climate has sometimes caused some issues in the early and late parts of the ski season on the slopes of Les Chaux as a combination of this sunny location, relatively low altitude slopes (only just topping 2000m) and southerly-facing aspect has resulted in some issues of soft snow and dramatically melting snow cover. Gryon does tend to get plenty of snow though - it's westerly location tends to mean that it catches weather fronts coming in from the west as they hit the Alps. The Glacier 3000 ski area up above nearby Les Diablerets provides the surrounding resorts with some snow-sure guarantees in the ski brochures, but in reality these slopes are rather limited, get quite busy if the skiers from all the neighbouring resorts head there, and are quite a journey away for those skiers staying in Gryon. Like we said, these considerations apply more to early and late season, and mid-winter conditions are often still fine. Both the resorts of Gryon and Villars have announced plans to drastically improve the snow-making, so this will undoubtedly help the resort's snow reliability.

Gryon is Family Friendly

Gryon is even quieter than Villars » which makes it an even better option for families looking for a really peaceful holiday. The skiing in the area is also well suited to young families » with a decent range of slopes to start and progress on.

As well as the specialist children's ski lift and toboggan run at Frience there is also an outdoor ice rink in Gryon.

There are plenty of activities in the summer months » with a swimming centre » bowling » adventure park and play area in both Gryon and neighbouring Villars.

Gryon has Amazing Scenery

Any Summer Skiing at Gryon ?

You may see suggestions that resorts such as Gryon have a summer skiing option up at the glacier above Les Diablerets. However, whilst that used to be the case years ago the reduction in the Les Diablerets glacier has meant that whilst skiing is still available both early (November) and late in the season (May), it's no longer available throughout the main summer months.

Gryon History

Gryon dates right back to the 12th century, as a settlement for agricultural workers, and remained this way until the late 19th century with the advent of tourism within the main Alpine countries. A route for cars from Bex to Gryon, followed by an electric railway from Bex to Gryon, opened the village up to visitors from Switzerland's nearby cities such as Geneva and Lausanne, and to visitors from further afield, such as Great Britain. Gryon, along with nearby resorts such as Leysin and Villars, became popular with wealthy socialites, not just as a holiday destination but as places to live permanently - the poet Juste Olivier settled here having become a regular visitor in the late 1800s. Gryon's next big step was as a skiing destination, as it followed the footsteps of many other alpine villages by installing a series of ski lifts to propel it's visitors up into the snowfields above the village. Gryon has managed to limit it's development in recent years, which has meant that it has managed to create a nice balance between having a decent level of facilities whilst preserving an authentic feel to the village and it's immediate surroundings.

Gryon - Getting There

As ski resorts go, Gryon is in a pretty fine location, with the nearest major airport being Geneva. If your transfer is not included in your holiday then definitely consider the train. Gryon is just under 2 hours away by train from Geneva with a change required at Bex for the final 25 minutes climb from Bex up to Gryon on the scenic funicular (those travellers staying at Gryon have the advantage over those staying at Villars that they get off the train first ! Visitors heading to Villars need to stay on for a few more stops that takes an extra 13 minutes). The entire train journey is beautiful - it sweeps initially around Lake Geneva, through Lausanne and Montreux until it starts to wind up into the hills. A relaxing, and stunning, start to your holiday in Gryon.

Getting to the Slopes at Gryon

Getting to the Les Chaux Ski Area

To get to the slopes of Les Chaux above Gryon means a quick jump into the gondola from Barboleuse, down on the outskirts of Gryon village, taking you right up to Les Chaux at 1750m.

If you want access to Les Chaux from Villars then one option is to get the funicular from Villars down to Gryon, and then get on the gondola at Barboleuse, or if you're already on the slopes around Bretaye then ski the blue down to La Rasse and then get the chairlift up to Croix des Chaux - you've then got access to all of the slopes below you.

Getting to the Bretaye Ski Area

Bretaye is the main skiing area above Villars and there are a couple of options to get there from the resort. The most direct method is on the funicular from Villars town centre right up to the terminal at Bretaye, however be aware that this can get crowded in peak times. The alternative is to get the gondola from the edge of the resort up to Roc d'Orsay, from where there are a series of slopes down to Bretaye.

If you want to get to the Bretaye area from Gryon then either to get into Villars itself (for example get on the funicular in Gryon and stay on it right up to the Bretaye terminal) or if you're out on the slopes of Les Chaux then ski down to Rasse and get on the chairlift to Chaux Ronde, and you can then ski down and link into the pistes around Bretaye.

If you want to get to the Bretaye area from the Les Diablerets side then do a similar thing and get to Chaux Ronde from the Meilleret area, and then ski into Bretaye from their.

Getting to the Meilleret Ski Area

There's a decent chairlift to take you from Vioz on the valley floor up to Mazots at 1720m. Vers l'Eglise is a small village just down the road from Les Diablerets, so if you're staying there you can get direct access to the slopes of Meilleret from the chairlift that starts there. One of the advantages of the Meilleret area is that it links into the resorts of Villars and Gryon which are both on the opposite side of the mountain. You can get to the Meilleret area from Villars and Gryon via the Chaux Ronde area above Bretaye and then getting the lift up into the Meilleret area.

The Skiing at Gryon

Gryon is part of the Alpes Vaudoises Ski Region:

Alpes Vaudoises

Information on the Swiss ski area Alpes Vaudoises, including links to the surrounding resorts, webcams, slope information and lift details.

The Alpes Vaudoises ski region covers a large area that comprises slopes from quite a few different resorts. The two closest ski areas to Gryon are Les Chaux, which sits directly above the resort, and Bretaye, which are the slopes above neighbouring Villars, but which are linked by the lift system between the two areas. You can also get access to the slopes of the Meilleret area above Les Diablerets. You will find details of all of these areas below:

Les Chaux Ski Area

We'll start from the highest lift-served point in the Les Chaux area, which is the 2020m Croix des Chaux (accessed via a chairlift from Sodoleuvre down in the valley below Les Chaux). There's something for everyone wanting to ski down from Croix des Chaux, with a blue piste, a red piste and a black piste all making there way down to the main set of mountain facilities at Les Chaux. Skiers can continue down each of these pistes towards the Frience area, which incidentally has a good toboggan run. There's a drag lift at the bottom of these slopes to take you back up to Les Chaux. Alternatively, rather than heading down towards Frience from Les Chaux, you can ski down in the other direction to Sodoleuvre, and yet again there options for all skiing abilities with a blue run, a red and a black all winding down (from the bottom of these slopes you can get a chairlift right back up to Croix des Chaux or continue further down the slope to Rasse and get a chairlift up to the Chaux Ronde area). Those skiers coming down the blue piste from Les Chaux to Sodoleuvre can make a switch halfway down at Combe du Scex and make there way right down to Gryon on a long blue piste. Skiers can then return back up to the Les Chaux area on the gondola from Barboleuse on the edge of Gryon village.

Bretaye Ski Area

We'll start with the highest point in the Bretaye area, which is the Grand Chamossaire at 2120m. You get up there via the chairlift from near the funicular station at Bretaye. There are a couple of reds from Grand Chamossaire, one linking it with Roc d'Orsay and one sweeping right down to near the start of the chairlift. For those ending up at Roc d'Orsay (either via the slopes from Grand Chamossaire or via the gondola up from Villars), there is a red piste down the other side of Roc d'Orsay, with a drag lift serving it to haul you back up. As well as the red coming down from Roc d'Orsay to Bretaye, there is a blue as well, which branches off into an optional black piste halfway down, which gives more advanced skiers the option of heading down towards Villars.

If we have a look at the slopes and lifts in the immediate area area around the main core of facilities at Bretaye, we'll find that there are a couple of drag lifts serving some smaller blue pistes (there are also a couple of longer drag lifts that take skiers to the Chaux Ronde area). The blue that comes down from Roc d'Orsay to Bretaye continues down parallel to the funicular and then sweeps down to the resort of Villars, branching off into a couple of further blue slopes and the option of a small section of a red.

Meilleret Ski Area

The slopes at Meilleret are good, mainly blues but with a smattering of more testing reds mingled in amongst them. There's a decent chairlift to take you from Vioz on the valley floor up to Mazots at 1720m. There are some really nice wooded runs up here - ski part way down the long Ruvine blue run (P26) and you can then get another chairlift up to the highest point of this area - Meilleret at 1948m. There are a couple of reds down from here as well as a blue. It's worth pointing out that there are blue runs from the top of Meilleret and Les Mazots right down to the bottom of the Vioz-Mazots chairlift and also to the foot of the Vers l'Eglise chairlift. Vers l'Eglise is a small village just down the road from Les Diablerets, so if you're staying there you can get direct access to the slopes of Meilleret from the chairlift that starts there.

One of the advantages of the Meilleret area is that it links into the resort of Villars which is on the opposite side of the mountain. However, be aware that the chairlift that gives access to it is pretty slow and can be quite exposed in bad weather. However, once you've got over there it does give you access to a whole host of other slopes, although they did seem a lot busier in comparison to Les Diablerets.

Gryon Piste Maps

A list of piste-maps for Gryon and the surrounding ski areas.

Villars-Gryon Piste Map

Interactive piste-map of the slopes above the ski resorts of Villars and Gryon.

Villars Gryon pdf Slope Map

Downloadable pdf piste-map of the slopes above the ski resorts of Villars and Gryon.

Gryon The Resort Itself

Gryon Other Activities

Gryon Local Knowledge

Gryon Apres Ski

Gryon - Any Chance of Early Snow ?

Gryon Resort Style

Gryon Annual Events

Annual Events in this and neighbouring resorts...

The 2016 Les Diablerets Film Festival will be the 47th running of one of Europe's largest events dedicated to films centred around the mountains. Centre piece of the festival is a giant screen showcasing the latest action from some of the world's top outdoor film directors, including some free-riding features. There also climbing walls and exhibition stands to visit.

Les Diablerets Film Festival »

When it comes to ballooning, the Swiss resort of Chateau-d'Oex is the Alpine capital, and this is the festival to celebrate it. The 2016 festival will be the 38th in the history of this renowned international event, and will feature about 100 balloons, including 10 special shaped ones, from over 20 different countries. The highlight for us though has to be the fantastically named event - "the David Niven Long Distance Hare and Hounds Competition" !

As the festival normally runs in the last week of January it's possible to combine a visit with a skiing holiday in the area - Chateau-d'Oex is situated in the Pays-d'Enhaut region (between Lausanne and Interlaken) and there are a number of other ski resorts close by, including Gstaad for the millionaires amongst you.

Chateau d'Oex Balloon Festival »

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