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The resort of Davos, located high up in the Landwasser Valley, is unlike most other Swiss ski resorts. For whilst the vast majority of our other resort guides talk of villages, be it traditionally-styled, modern or sometimes even purpose-built, but still essentially villages, Davos just simply can't be classed in such a way. Because Davos is no village... it's an alpine city !

Yes, at 1560m Davos is officially the highest city in Europe, and this status comes from years of expansion and development, not just as a centre for snow-sports but as a global conference centre and international venue. It's now almost as well known as the annual venue for the World Economic Forum as it is as a skiing destination. It's a shame, because the lack of character in some of it's identi-kit office-block buildings detracts somewhat from the superb range of skiing on offer for intermediate-level skiers upwards. Skiers and boarders who want to access these fantastic slopes but fancy a more traditional alpine feel should maybe look at neighbouring Klosters, although you will spend more time getting to the slopes than if you stay at Davos. But for those wanting a big-town feel, with an almost unmatchable array of top-class hotels, restaurants and shops, then Davos could be the resort for you.

Davos - The Good, the Bad, ...and the Facts!

  • Davos Resort Alititude: 1560m.
  • Davos is not a village, it's the highest city in Europe!
  • Massive ski area with lots of variety.
  • Lots of activities for non-skiers and boarders.
  • Takes time to travel between the different ski areas.
  • Doesn't have a 'traditional' ski-resort feel.

Davos Live Streams

The live images below of Davos : Weissfluhjoch Davos Dorf (2660m) are provided courtesy of Feratel Media Technologies AG

The live images below of Davos : Jakobshorn Davos Platz (2590m) are provided courtesy of Feratel Media Technologies AG

Davos Web Cameras

A list of webcams for Davos and the surrounding area.

No webcams are currently available for Davos.

Any Summer Skiing at Davos ?

There's no summer skiing at Davos unfortunately. You'd need to hot foot it over the Italian border to Passo Stelvio if you were desperate.

Davos History

You want history ? Wengen's certainly got it, ...lots of it. Descriptions of the village can be traced right back to it's origins as a farming community in the 13th century, and continuing as one until the 19th century, when it started to transform into what it's now best known for - being a tourist hotspot. And whilst there's a chance you might bump into a celeb or two on the slopes nowadays, even back then it was visited by A-list celebs of the time such as Napoleon and Julius Caesar, although they were more likely to be scouring the countryside wondering who to invade next, rather than sat in a mountain restaurant pondering which piste to tackle.

Wengen was popularised amongst British high society by Shelley's visit to the Jungfrau region in the early 19th century, and this era, right through to the end of the 19th century, saw an explosion of general tourism for Wengen, with hotels popping up left right and centre. One of the key factors in it's popularity was the construction of the Wengernalpbahn, giving it a rail link to Lauterbrunnen below and eventually over the other side of the Lauberhorn mountain and down to Grindelwald.

It was the advent of organised ski clubs and racing that made Wengen such a popular destination for wealthy, well-schooled Brits. Given the history, it's no surprise that the village still has strong ties with British skiers and remains a popular destination, and even home, for many British skiers. So at the start of the 20th century the Bernese Oberland area had become increasingly popular amongst Brits, with Wengen, Adelboden, Murren and Grindelwald all popular destinations, whilst Henry Lunn (later Sir Henry Lunn and founder of the famous Lunn-Poly travel group) was attracting even more people to the region by organising holiday tours, combining winter sports activities with religious meetings and health centres (you don't get Club 18-30 doing that!).

Lunn didn't stop at simple tours either, forming the Public Schools Alpine Sports Club. Now if you think some of your local clubs can be a bit cliquey they're nothing in comparison to this - to be allowed into the club you needed an educational background that involved either an English public school or one of the best universities. Wengen was one of the main destinations for the club.

By 1908 Henry's son Arnold Lunn (who'd also receive a knighthood - good lad !) had found a love for winter sports as great as his fathers and formed the Alpine Ski Club (1908) and also the Kandahar Ski Club (this was formed over in Murren). He became the organiser of some of the most historic ski races in the world, and is often referred to as the inventor of modern day downhill ski racing. Lunn organised 'straight-down' races on the slopes above Wengen and also slalom races, using trees in the fashion of modern-day slalom ski gates.

Davos - Getting There

Davos is in the east of Switzerland, making Zurich the best option amongst the Swiss airports. Friedrichshafen is southern Germany is another option, with both airports just over 150km away from Davos, which is just over 2 hours by road.

Davos The Resort Itself

Davos is more of a working town rather than a ski resort, and some people even lay claim that it's the highest 'city' in Europe (in reality it's a town, not a city).

What Davos lacks in the traditional cosy ski-resort feel that many skiers and snowboarders may be looking for it makes up for in facilities, with an abundance of shops, sporting facilities and other amenities.

The town is made up of two different centres - Davos Dorf and Davos Platz. Davos Dorf is the quieter of the two areas, whilst Davos Platz has a great choice of bars, shops, restaurants, nightclubs etc.

Despite the larger feel of Davos compared to other ski resorts, it's still got a fantastic setting, sat in the valley bottom with mountains rising high above from both sides.

Davos Local Knowledge

Each January Davos makes the global news reels as it welcomes leaders from around the world for its annual World Economic Forum. This basically seems to result each year in the news that the leading nations have agreed "in principle" on a deal for climate change, despite no-one then seeming to do anything about in for the next 12 months until they meet again back in Davos.

Davos Annual Events

Annual Events in this and neighbouring resorts...

Davos Useful Links

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Hotels + Chalets in Davos

Davos hotels and chalets.

Sunstar Parkhotel Davos

The Sunstar Parkhotel Davos**** is in a quiet yet central position in beautiful parkland. The Parkhotel, with its varied range of leisure and wellness facilities, is a relaxing place to stay in Europe's highest town. The spacious and comfortable rooms are decorated with light wooden furniture to create a feeling of cosiness and well-being. The spa centre is the perfect place to relax, with its large swimming pool, Finnish sauna and massage showers. The choice of sports is excellent, including a fitness centre, aqua-gymnastics and aerobics. There is plenty of entertainment for young and old, with table-tennis and table football in the "Games Room" and a daily changing programme of films in the hotel's own cinema.

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