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Solden - Any Chance of Early Snow ?

Any Summer Skiing at Solden ?

Summer skiing is available on two glaciers in the surrounding peaks - the Rettenbach Glacier and the Tiefenbach Glacier. The Rettenbach has slopes from 3250m down to 2675m whilst the Tiefenbach has slightly less vertical, going from 3249m down to 2795m. The two glaciers are linked by a ski tunnel that can give access from the Rettenbach to the Tiefenbach whilst there are 10 ski lifts to move everyone around, made up of 5 T-bars, 2 chairlifts and 3 gondolas. The ski area on the Tiefenbach Glacier had quite gentle and wide slopes, making it ideal for beginners, whilst the Rettenbach is more suitable for advanced skiers and is home to the FIS World Cup race that normally kicks the season off in late October. The two glaciers provide a total of just under 37 km of slopes, 27km of blues, 6km of reds and 4km of blacks.

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